IMG_1597The time is coming up for the usual January beach house holiday. It will go like this….
Generally hottest day of the year when we leave. Much yelling and cramming in the car of objects that may not be deemed totally necessary. Much comments of ‘it’s sooooo hot today’. Someone will decide they are hungry just as everybody is about to leave.
Nonie will shriek at some point that she has forgot her guitar and then insist on cramming it into a car that really cannot take anymore.
But she will get it in.
She will.
Whilst pinning someone in the corner.
The dogs will spin round in circles in the driveway and Harry will yell repeatedly… Look at Ollie look at Ollie.
Nonie will yell ‘ I’ve looked at Ollie’!!!!!
There will be a convoy up to the beach house and a mad scramble for rooms. Everyone will discuss this in great detail whilst one of the kids will suggest in a perfectly reasonable manner that they think the en suite largest room will suit them perfectly.
Then there will be a trip to the supermarket. Maddie at some point will shriek ‘we don’t need to buy everything straight away’ whilst racing down the aisles like Zola Budd yelling mushroom sauce!
No one will really know what they want for dinner. There will be much eating of crisps from the kids. They will always be hungry. Like always.
Kate will pour herself a wine. I will join her.
Nicki will do jumps into the pool all day yelling watch me watch me. Gemma will do champion swimming and Markus will do some sort of Kung foo jumps.
There will sometimes be some guided pelvic floor exercise routine by someone like Ally and Harry will bring this up later in a public place by saying ‘remember when you did the anal flow exercises in Coolum’.
One of the dogs will wee on the floor.
We will never run out of wine. But we will worry about the fact that it could happen.
There will probs be an episode of chest pain. Or something similar. Generally in the middle of the night which will require an ambulance. We will send Nonie then have cups of tea and sisterly chats on a balcony till the all clear call.
There will be wet costumes, towels everywhere, mushroom sauce, crisps, wine, I’m hungry, watch me, hysteria, dog wee, colouring, laughing, yelling and running.
And at the end we shall say…. Was it a bit famous five? It was a bit right? Kind of famous five? Kind of 50 s beach holiday right? Nonie and I will have this conversation for at least 10 minutes.
Then the guitar will be crammed into the car again till next year.
I ❤️ my crazy family

The annual beach house holiday…

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