imageSo the day has come. #notthehottestdayoftheyear for a change! In fact windy, rainy with the possibility of a cyclone! But this excites us so it’s all good.

I’m post night duty so am going up later than the others which gave me time to clean the house and do 3 loads of washing in my OCD fashion.

My only fear at the moment is that the Doc should have made another dark rye loaf to take with us.  It’s too late.  It takes 2 days. Looks like I’m going to have to cope. It’s Danish and magnificent, courtesy of Green Kitchen stories. I actually feel totally scandi when I eat it. For real. ❤️

I also have cup anxiety! So I’m taking one for me and one for the Doc. The Doc gets cup anxiety too. I like this. We can convince each other that we are totally rational.



Off on the annual beach house hols…

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