Okay… So the sisters have a thang about op shops. On a holiday the other year there was much talk about the local op shop and Tupperware. I’m talking retro 70s Tupperware. This shop had the largest selection of retro Tuppaware I’ve ever seen. Unfortunately the shop was closed that year so we could only stare longingly through the window and complain about the opening hours.

So anyway there is always an op shop visit included in the annual holiday. This year it’s all about affordable fashion. So the girls have been out this morning and hit the dresses. Nothing above $20. Check this shiz out!! Totes amazing!

I do have a hatred for bizzare beach style dresses sold in beachside gift shops. They often include lace and tassels. I don’t think anyone should buy them. Go to the op shop!

ย I on the other hand have squirted ketchup all over my t shirt and shorts so dug out a couple of pairs of last years shorts out of the boot of my car ๐Ÿ˜€

In other news I am deaf in one ear. Quite annoying. And weirdly it’s making me talk very softly though it sounds so loud to me. You never have a 50 ml syringe when you want one right?! โค๏ธ

Op shop fun!

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