So I’ve got this friend in England who runs a lot of marathons. Almost weekly sometimes. He used to be a big punk rocker who drank a fair bit of whisky and Newcastle Brown Ale and smoked a ton of fags.

Well anyway, a bit later in life he became a vegan and stopped the fags and ale and replaced it with running. I don’t really know how it happened but suddenly he was a runner. There was probably a timeline but before you knew it he was running marathons.

I guess a lot of people figure out a goal and then complete it. Like once. Or maybe twice. But he didn’t do that, he kept going. I’m not sure how many he has run but it’s got to be heading for double figures.

Vince (my son) and I are often to be found stalking the leaderboard on Garmin Connect. If we time it correctly (friend lives in a different hemisphere, this is handy for the changeover time) we can be up near the top of the leaderboard and feel terribly fabulous. But generally we are like ‘Oh guess whose up the top arrrghhhhhh’.

He is suddenly like taaaaaaa daaaaaaaa 😎

So anyway my point is that competition is good. I quite like it. I know there is all this stuff about the taking part etc, doesn’t matter how fast you are. And I don’t suppose it does but when I am top of the leaderboard I am Queen. It’s generally just for 12 hours but I feel very pleased about it!

I also think that anyone below me on the leaderboard is ace too.

The competition is my thing. I get obsessive about it sometimesπŸ™„

There’s this girl who I see often when I’m out running. We always smile and wave.She’s maybe 130 kilos. She’s been walking for maybe 6 months now at a bloody good pace. She had a new t shirt on the other day and was out in the 30 degree heat along with me and a fair few other runners. She won’t be on the top of the leaderboard but she’s at the top for me and probably every runner on that track. One day I think I will see her run. She’s driving her own bus. Day in, day out. πŸ˜„

So currently I’m training for a half marathon. In the next few weeks there are at least two where I will be practically dead from fitting in my training runs as well as everything else. I shall just take it one day at a time and think of different hemisphere friend and smiley new t shirt girl for inspiration!

I also have a good couple of pacers in my household for help and encouragement ❀️


Stalking the leaderboard…

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