img_5604So Australia Day. Hmmmm I’m not really down with that shiz. I get a bit uncomfortable about it. I can’t help but think it’s a little bit shitty when thinking about the history stuff. I get anxious that someone may take a photo of me near a flag and I would be mortified and awkward! But I know some people are into it, so drive your own bus and all that.

But do listen to Stan Grants recent speech if you want to think about it more. It’s a goodie.

So anyway I got invited to an Australia Day party today. I just told myself it wasn’t an Australia Day one and I really wanted to see the people so I was okay with that!

So I had night duty. I catch babies for a dollar. Well actually I generally just knock about being the entertainment factor.

I went to sleep for a few hours, chucked some lippy on and rocked up.

It was lovely and my dear friend had especially cooked food I could eat. I’m not one for a sausage in any circumstance. So it was fun and I avoided being pictured near a flag! Hurrah!

I have another friend who lives in a very interesting complex down the GC. You could actually make an excellent This American life style podcast about where she lives. The people are entertaining and interesting. There is actually a whole blog in the goings on of this complex.

There have been some issues around a particular person in the complex of late. After a bit of a build up for a few weeks my friend ended up roaring through the front door at 3 am in the morning last week for this particular person to shut the fuck up!

There is much to this story which I don’t need to discuss here but I was very pleased today that it ended in quite a heartwarming way that involved some shut the fuck ups, a cup of tea, punk rock therapy and hula hoop contests!

So on this day of snags and flags and history and tears and individual people’s messed up stories there is also compassion. I think that is ace. I really do. And I have been smiley about that ❤️

Australia Day shiz…

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