So Vince is nearly 20. It was bound to be time to leave home at some point.

He and 3 of his girlfriends have found a share house. It’s awfully exciting. Vince being the kind of person he is has taken full control. It’s like a military operation with odd moments of hysteria. He sent a group message this morning and  10 mins of no response from anyone had him sending a message of ‘If you don’t answer immediately I am going to have a brain aneurysm!’ I cooed soothingly.

There have been many houses to look at over the past couple of months.I was particularly fond of the purple and orange one. Everything was purple and orange. Everywhere. It was psychedelic! Alas they didn’t get that one but they did get one that was already furnished. I think there will be some sighs of relief about that as the whole thing is now a bit less costly.

Everything seems to now be in order for the move later in the week. This has happened through many phone calls to electricity, gas etc with the odd guttural wails and groans and questions. The house number  is 7a but it’s actually 5 in real life… Go figure… #studentdigs…. So some confusion and wailing over that!

I’m currently writing out a cookbook. Vince cooks pretty good. We taught him well. He can get most of the stuff from the Indian store in the Valley so has plans for trips with a rucksack every so often. Thrifty cooking is our speciality. Then he is going to hit China town for a wok and a few things and he is set. I would even encourage him to plant a veggie garden but I’m not so sure he would be down with that 😀

Such exciting times ahead. I think these guys have done a great job finding somewhere fab and right near Uni and I think they are a pretty fabulous mix of like minded people.

It ended up being a bit further across town than I wanted. I mean I was suggesting the next street. When anywhere else was mentioned I was yelling ohhhhhh no…. Drug addicts, louts!!! Vince pointed out that everywhere except our suburb according to me was drug addicts and louts! But y’know I was just hanging onto him a bit. Sob.


Vince is pretty good company. He’s one of those people you quite like having around. And how am I going to fix the internet if it goes off and stuff like that? Vince says it’ll be okay.

It will. They grow. They blossom. They leave. And then they come back with dirty washing or something.

Take up your space in the world Vince. Mission accomplished ❤️

And there is always a spot if you ever need to come back ❤️

Take up your space in the world❤️

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