Half Marathon Training

As a lot of you know I’m off to run my first half marathon next week.

The last 3 weeks of half marathon training is possibly the shitiest place you can be. Chuck in crossfit sessions, work and life and you’re about as tired as you’re going to get. Unless it’s marathon training. Then you might get more tired. I’m yet to find out!

I’ve been really tired. So tired that I was considering if I even needed a job. Maybe I could do without it. Maybe I could live in a tent instead and subsist on noodles. It’s hard fitting in the runs and the training and then going to work.

So I think I kind of just switched off. I decided not to think about how tired I was. I just went through the motions day by day.

So it’s been baskets of washing, early nights, sore muscles, gym schedules, run schedules and not much else. I don’t really know why the last 3 weeks seemed so hard. I guess it was upping the km. I never generally run that far in a week.

I seem to have turned a corner this week. I kicked off taper week with two dry martinis. Actually it wasn’t quite taper week. And not recommended. But meh! I was hanging out with Vince and the Doc. I wanted the martinis.

Well anyway the martinis may have given me a new lease of life because I felt far more positive after that. Martinis do that.

I had one last long run to do. It was 16 km. Totally doable. But I spent the night before waking up every hour thinking about it. I even dreamed that I had completed the first 8 km loop then woke up and realised I hadn’t at one point. Those last two long runs were a psychological nightmare for me. I don’t really know why. I’ve run 15 before. I was thinking that maybe I wouldn’t have it in me because of all the running I’ve been doing. A bit like running out of battery. Maybe there is only so much in the tank. Maybe I will collapse outside Hobbyrama.

Now all of this is obviously rubbish. And a lot of it wasn’t even conscious. It tended to come up in dreams.  Consciously I was sorted. I’d done the training, I’ve followed the programme. Unless I break my leg I am crossing that finish line. Unconsciously I am clearly psychotic.

So the Doc is pretty perceptive about such things and says ‘ I’ll come with you for the long run, I can do one loop and leave you to do the second’. She’s my hype girl. My pacer. And obviously doesn’t mind coping with the mental case that I am right now.

So we go down to the river and try to work out the way to get over the bridge. We haven’t run this route before but as this is her hometown she works it out. She’s on a mission. I’m not good with not knowing the way so I am yelling frequently ‘Do you even know the way?’ And she is just pounding along going ‘Ya’. She works it out. Then she runs further than she intended. I yell quite a lot on this run. I get shitted a few times and do the I’m not listening to you and run faster. She does the ‘Don’t you bloody run faster’. We work it out!

So I finish that final long run in the training programme. And it’s a relief. It wasn’t even that hard. It’s all in the head!

So now it’s party week!!!! I think I have only a 6.2k and a 3.2k to do. Then the race.

So what I’ve learnt…

If you’re going to do something do it right. Follow a programme. I have faith in programmes. I reckon if people have been successful with them then if you just follow it you’ll be right.

You are stronger than you think you are. You can probably do anything you set your mind to but you’ve got to put in the work.

Washing can wait. Yes you can wear running clothes for 3 days in a row because you didn’t get round to doing it.

Two dry martinis won’t mess things up. It might help.

If you don’t quite know where you’re going it doesn’t really matter. You’ll work it out and maybe just add on an extra km!

Anyone can be a runner. Just follow a programme. Consistency is the key. Day in day out.

I couldn’t run 20 meters 18 months ago. I thought I could before I tried!

Harder than you think is a beautiful thing❤️

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