Half Marathon Day


So the day has arrived. The half is not until the evening.

I don’t know what you are meant to do on a day such as this so I make some cups of tea, drink some water, boil some quinoa and foam roll.

I’m aimlessly wandering about the house. I should just put the washing away or something but I don’t. I just wander and play on Facebook.

I didn’t sleep too well last night. Tossed and turned. Then woke up feeling fairly hysterical. So I went with the hysterical. I thought I’d just embrace it. And I messaged my friend Lucy.

I said ‘ I’ve just had diahorrea. She said…. Good, now you will be faster and more aerodynamically stable. She’s a sensible sort.

I message Mark my other hemisphere marathon friend and say… I’m so nervous. He says… What have you got to be nervous about?Seriously? You know you can run the distance. Then he adds… You also look good. This makes me smile. He is the sensible sort too who dresses it up with a bit of flattery.

Nan comes up for a cuppa and a chat. She says… Have you seen the dead people on the Internet?

I say hmmmm no.

She says…. Oh well it’s people just as they die and then people after they’ve died. Pictures you know.

I say … Ummmm right.

She says… I thought it was rather nice. I showed the Grandfather.

I think Jesus Nan you’re a bundle of joy this morning!

She wanders off patting my hand saying …. Don’t get too tired dear.

The nerves seem to have passed somewhat. And I get to have almond butter for lunch.

I’ve decided not to worry about time. I’m just going to run.

I think I will be okay ❀️😎



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