Month: April 2016

Giving up sugar!

So sugar is kinda shit right? There’s been a big movement to quit sugar in the last couple of years and I did once count up my sugar for the day and even with eating a pretty healthy diet it… Read More ›

Dental obsession! 

So I’ve got this dental obsession. Dr Jim makes me happy and makes my teeth nice!  When I grew up in the 70s they were keen on filling every tooth they could. I think they thought prevention was better than… Read More ›

The list 

So at the moment I’m doing this blog school thing with Pip Lincoln from Meet me at Mikes. I’m doing it because…. Pip is the best, she’s the first blogger I ever followed around 9 years ago. I never left… Read More ›

You wanna hot body?

Thumbs up to the peeps doing some comeback stuff. I’m loving it. I am. I think it is bloody awesome. To everyone who went for a run today with a bit of… You wanna hot body? You wanna Bugatti? You… Read More ›