When you eat the WHOLE chocolate orange!


So recently I’ve been thinking about changing habits stuff. I started thinking about it after listening to a podcast on the way to work. I’m a bit crazy about podcasts at the moment. There are loads of really good ones.

I didn’t really know much about them until the spunky boy got me onto This American life. You will listen to that one for ages and then you will branch out he said. That’s exactly what happened.

For people that don’t know, and I didnt, podcasts are like little radio shows about anything and everything. There are different ones. Some like This American life are a general mix of all kinds of stories and then there are ones that are specific to a general theme. Like Marathon School or No Meat Athlete.

An easy way to get into it and get listening is to go to the App Store and  download Overcast. This is like a place where you can search for all the Podcasts. Download that then just type in Science or Nutrition or whatever your current jam is and it will bring up heaps of different podcasts you can subscribe to. A good one to start with is This American life. Then you can listen to them on the way to work or whenever and learn a heap of new stuff. Super cool!

Now there may be many people thinking ‘Duhhhhh we knew that!’ but some people might not know about them! I didn’t and was too pleased to discover a podcast world. So that explanation was for the types like me!

So on the way to work I was listening to a Podcast from No Meat Athlete. I quite like this one as there are quite a lot of running type things discussed. The guest on there was the guy who writes Zen Habits Leo Babauta. You might know of the website. If you don’t then you might enjoy going and having a look.


Anyway in this programme he was talking about people changing their diets and how difficult that can be. He was referring to going from a meat eating to vegan diet but it was a good example for all dietary changes.

I got to thinking about the changes I’ve made and how I did it and I came up with one word… Slowly!!!

I’ve certainly had an all or nothing approach in the past. You know the 4 day juice fast where you end up eating a bag of hot chips, sixteen pies  and a bottle of red at day two because it’s all too much.

That kind of thing has never worked for me. I’m more of a gradual person. I find anything less than gradual unpleasant, well at least at the start!

I don’t think everyone is like that. Some people like structure and strict rules yes?

I don’t much. I generally don’t like people telling me what to do so I dig my heels in. Then eat the pies!

I took a long time to get it together with my diet especially. There were probably factors like shift work and stress and the love of chocolate etc to contend so it wasn’t a quick job.

So for me I tackled things slowly. I changed one thing at a time. Like I started to eat breakfast. Then I started to pack a lunch. Then I started to eat a few almonds at morning tea instead of whatever was on the birth suite desk. But sometimes I ate that too!

I  changed things gradually. Even with exercise stuff, I built it up gradually, like week to week.

I was reading a lot of stuff about it too. I couldn’t stop. I thought it made sense so I read and changed one thing at a time.

This might work for you, in all kinds of areas of your life perhaps?

Ive said before that I’m not a fan of 12 week transformation stuff. I don’t want to sound too negative about it and I think that people can do very well at it, become all femme fatal and run off to Spain with the gardener whilst looking fabulous and that is great! But it wasn’t for me initially.

I look at it as more of a long term thang. You’ve got to keep it up right? Otherwise you’re gonna be right back where you started and I’m not keen on that idea. So for me, changing habits slowly and being happy taking a few years to get there is cool. But it’s not for everyone. I get that!

I have been through the I’m at a total standstill feeling but I know things start shifting again. Consistency for me is the key. Once I get to where I’m going I’m going to stay there.

If you want to have a bit more of a read about changing habits have a look at the zen habits website. You’ll find a fair few interesting articles there.

Also sometimes you will fall off the good habits wagon. I have.

A month or two ago I bought a chocolate orange. They were in the shops. Maybe it’s a Christmas thing but I do love a chocolate orange. So I scoffed half in the evening and then ate the other half for breakfast. And it was great. It was a bloody good chocolate orange.

Then I made my breakfast went for a run and carried on like I usually do. No guilt. Just a belly full of chocolate orange! I ran well.

I think it was fine. I think I am consistant and I think the slow change in habits has been the very best thing I became obsessed with. ❤️



2 thoughts on “When you eat the WHOLE chocolate orange!

  1. Edie you’re speaking my language! I’ve been working through change after change for years and SLOW is absolutely the bottom line. You can’t quit the supermarket overnight. It’s too hard – you’ll have a breakdown. But you can go to the local butcher every now and then. Or think twice about which eggs you buy. You can’t go part time tomorrow – your boss would probably wonder where you went?! But you can make different choices – and start new conversations – next time you’re offered you a new shift or a promotion. Slow and steady wins every time. I love your writing by the way – you’re authentic to the max! Don’t change anything 🙂


    • Nawwwwwww thanks Emily. Yes change is hard enough without making it totally unpleasant !
      I’m keen on changes that stick. Hope you’re having a gorgeous day ❤️xxx


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