The list 

cropped-cropped-cropped-img_58572.jpgSo at the moment I’m doing this blog school thing with Pip Lincoln from Meet me at Mikes.

I’m doing it because….

  • Pip is the best, she’s the first blogger I ever followed around 9 years ago. I never left her because I have the blog crush thing and she once explained to me what buttermilk was.
  • I want to get better at writing.
  • I want to learn some techy stuff.
  • And I have a fairly new blog that could become a whole lot better. So y’know, I took it on like I took on running and decided following some sort of programme might be cool. I’m learning heaps.

Anyway she posted this thing in our group today which she said we could put in our blog. She did!

She does this list thing every so often. I’ve always liked it because it makes me come up with new ideas and things to think about. It’s entertained me often in various states in Australia. So I’m going to do my list now and you can do one too if you want.

If you are thinking who is this Pip bird, do yourself a favour and check her out at

You’ll be pleased you did. I think Mike was the cat?! I might have made that up though.

Here’s the list❤️

Making : I fail at the first one because I’m not making anything at the moment. But I did make a spinach salad for lunch and threw on some seeds for the fancy!

Cooking : Hmmmmm … Well I’ve not been doing much cooking apart from a fishy and various cruciferous vegetables lately. But there is this amazing tofu, chocolate pie thing I make very occasionally. It’s so amazing I have to mention it.

  • Get some almonds and whiz them up with a big spoonful of coconut oil. Then press them into a dish. Line it with baking paper. Baking paper is the best!
  • Melt a big block of Green and Blacks dark chocolate in a bowl over a pan of simmering water with a big spoonful of coconut oil.
  • Put a big block of silken tofu into a food processor or whatever whizzy thing you have.
  • Pour the chocolate onto the tofu and whizz.
  • Pour the mixture onto the almond layer, scatter it with coconut flakes and shove it in the freezer.

Yea I totally eat chocolate pie sometimes. It’s great. Try the pie! Keep it in the freezer.

Reading: I have been reading running magazines while currently avoiding the book club book! It’s book club dinner next week or the week after so I need to get onto that. I can’t remember which book it is but the Doc will know. She’s one of those A types who will read it to the last page even if she hates it. I’m always doing this. #bookclubfail

Wanting: I’m currently wanting a laptop because I’ve had to nick the Docs Mac a few times this week because of the blog course techy stuff. This is always a scary experience because it always looks like it’s filled with really important stuff which I might totally delete with a wrong button press!

Looking: I’ve been looking at other people’s blogs which has been great. I was going to share them but I think people might be a bit nervous as they are just setting up so I will share them later. I think they are all fab!

Playing: I had to do a Spotify reshuffle. It was attached to my old Facebook account so really annoying if you got a new phone or something. So last night I spent an hour with the spunky boy cancelling it and setting up a new one. This was quite traumatic as I was frantically writing down all my tunes and then crossing them off as I put them back in. Spunky boy mentioned I was about as old skool as it gets! As I was putting them back in I was playing the beginning of each tune. Eventually he yelled ‘You don’t have to play every tune to save them!!!!’.

Anyway we had a bit of Whoop whoop it’s the sound of da police! Which is a fave because it’s the tune I finished my half marathon to 😎

Deciding: How far to run tonight. Timing. Murder in the dark and all that. I might just go a bit earlier, it’s cooling down.

Wishing: That there were more resources in healthcare. A current focus is the transgender kids who are unable to get into clinics and arn’t getting the care and treatment they need. Also the training of GPs to be able to help transgender people without throwing their hands in the air and saying it isn’t their area. I can’t stop thinking about it this week.There’s a whole heap more to it but the Doc is onto that one so I’m hoping to see some developments.

Enjoying: My life! My life is pretty good. I seem to have a lot of things sussed. Maybe that’s flukey! Or maybe it’s an age thing. I dunno, but it’s good.

Waiting: I’m waiting for a new pair of running shorts I ordered. That’s it.

Liking: I’m really liking the bunny from the

I look at pictures of him all the time!

Wondering: If someone’s baby is doing okay in intensive care. And thinking about how hard that must be.

Loving: The idea of going to Rome and Amsterdam later in the year. I am too excited about this. Not the Amsterdam bit. I don’t care about that bit. Holland is not my jam!

Pondering: On whether we should decorate at some point. I’d quite like some colour. But it seems like a massive job so I will just keep pondering.

Considering: If I should ever run a marathon. I’m going to consider this for a while!

Watching: Just finished The Bridge season 3. I love it so much. The Danish one. I never really watch anything and it takes me 6 months or so to finish a season. It’s amazing!

Hoping: That everyone is okay. There’s been some ups and downs for friends. I’ve been thinking about them a lot. I hope they all work it out.

Marvelling: Our chooks ability to trash the garden in one afternoon!

Needing: The laptop! I can’t stop thinking about it!

Smelling: Coffee. I love it. I could never give it up. Nah.

Wearing: Running shorts and a t shirt. It’s my usual attire.

Following:   A few new blogs and the Facebook peeps. Rare bags is great. If you want an amazing bag go to Rare bags on Facebook. They are the best.

Noticing: How the cat has the best life. She is lounging lazily in the sun. She is Queen at our house and totally bitchy.

Knowing: That I need to get the book club book out but I probably won’t and speed read it on the last day.

Thinking: About the spunky girl overseas who is going through an awesome period of fabulousness. Changing habits, sorting some shiz. Amazing.

Feeling: A bit homesick for the mother country. It’s because I’ve been eating raspberries and thinking about the spunky girl.

Admiring: The Doc. She’s the shit. She’s had some awesome ideas this week ❤️

Sorting: Nothing. But I sometimes tackle the Tupperware cupboard.

Buying: Nothing!

Getting: Some inspiration lately, from a few areas.

Bookmarking: Various things. I have a stack of stuff in my reader to get through.

Disliking: Donald Trump. He is not nice.

Opening: My shorts. They just arrived!

Giggling: At camel toes. This is not in reference to the shorts!!!! Heavens to betsy!

Feeling: Happy.

Snacking: Nah! Raspberries perhaps.

Coveting: The new red nail polish that the Doc just got.

Wishing: For the laptop!

Helping: To sort out some lovely gifts and love for someone special in NZ.

Hearing: Someone hammering very loudly like they are cross!

So there you go. If you want to do your own list just copy and paste below.

Thanks Pipster ❤️

Making :

Cooking :

Drinking :







































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