Dental obsession! 

So I’ve got this dental obsession. Dr Jim makes me happy and makes my teeth nice! 

When I grew up in the 70s they were keen on filling every tooth they could. I think they thought prevention was better than cure. The local clinic had a roaring trade. So anyway Dr Jim has been redoing all my fillings with sparkly white ones. I did worry about this as I thought I might have some sort of mercury poisoning as he removed them, but he has skills and methods and assured me it was okay! 

So I am ending up with sparkly white nashers for the price of a small car! 

So today I was going to visit him and got a text message from him saying….’See you soon, just a friendly reminder of your appointment’ Dr Jim.

I was just texting the Doc (y’know, my one, the babes!)… with a cute pic and a caption of ‘Just in Toowong babes xxx❤️’  and yep… I sent it to Dr Jim!!!! 

I said nothing. I was dying. I fronted it up! 😬😬😬


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