Pip’s going on about this today…

So sometimes I think of a blog post when I’m actually in a hurry to go somewhere but I’ve got a few minutes so I’m going to blast this one out quick. So y’know Pip Lincolne. She’s the blog girl here. Well anyway today she is going on about how we don’t have to always be ace. General gist of it (and I am post night duty so might be totally misinterpreting it, this has happened) is that it’s alright to just be okay. Not ace. Just okay.

I really like this. I woke up at 12.30pm or something and just had a quick surf, read that and went Yup! 

There’s like this total obsession with being ace right? It’s everywhere. There’s these high expectations that you will be successful in every area. You will earn good money, look like an Instagram model, have an amazing relationship, travel to the four corners and all that! You won’t make mistakes. You won’t change your mind, mess up or do anything that makes people question the persona that you’ve put out to the world. 

I think that’s bollox. I do. I think it’s utter bloody shite. I think that it is a fast track to a bloody fantastic anxiety disorder. I think that by being a total ace human means making mistakes, changing your mind, ending up in the gutter full of martinis and cigarettes or whatever your particular fuck up patterns are. I think it’s the raw parts, the sweary parts and the authentic parts. And I think that striving to constantly show some kind of fabulous image and not acknowledge the other bits of yourself is a bit nutso! And not real.

I also tend to like people a bit more once I am familiar with their fuck ups! It’s bonding. Or something. It’s recognising that we are all a perfect mess sometimes. And that’s okay.

I also think it’s okay to change some things. To work some stuff out. That’s okay too. 

So embrace the shittier bits and come join me in the gutter sometime. ❤️

If you want to read the article it’s here.

I mean I might have misinterpreted it a bit but y’know, post night duty. Whatevs 😜

8 thoughts on “Pip’s going on about this today…

  1. What a great post! I think there is a thin line between being virtuous and being pretentious! We all learn by our mistakes, so essentially we have to fuck up at some point to become better people. I’m totally ok with being mediocre 🙂


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