So I just went out for dinner…

So it was book club tonight. Once again I hadn’t finished the book but I’d started it so that was better than usual. We went to a French place. I love French food. Or I used to when I ate meat. It’s a bit trickier these days. They had rabbit! The French do rabbit well but y’know I couldn’t eat the bunny! So I had some cheese and then some mussels and some baguette and then a few spoonfuls of some sort of chocolate mousse cake! 

Now I’ve just done this 6 week challenge thing at the gym. Yep I know, I said I’m not a fan and I’m not but it was an experiment. So it was only 6 weeks and as I had a bit of an urge to drop a few kgs and because I’d felt those few kgs on my half marathon I thought I’d give it a go. See what happened. Plus my gym is great and isn’t really into challenges either so it was more of a ‘here is a six week plan, give it a go if you fancy it’.

So the first week didn’t really count because I carbed it up a little bit because I was doing the half marathon that week. The next 5 weeks I ate this…

Breakfast 2 eggs made into an omelette.

Snack 15 almonds.

Lunch tuna and salad.

Snack Apple.

Dinner fish and broccoli and green beans and courgette.

That was it. It has to be the most shithouse diet going. I mean I don’t really eat fish! But I was doing like a protein and veg kinda mix thing. I did have a couple of nights during that time when I went out and drank some martinis and I think one meal out which was fairly boring like fish or something.

Results… I lost about 3 kilos and lost about 2.5% body fat. That’s alright. It did work. But it was shit for running. I was hitting 7 km and dying. Like proper bonking. I need a little bit of carbs going on for running.

But it was useful in terms of getting off a bit of a plateau because yea I was thinking I’d like to lose a few more kgs for the running thang.

So it’s been good in that way but now I will add a bit of sweet potato and a banana or something. I mean I’m going to have to have a switch up. I think if I eat any more fish I will actually vomit. I am a fish hater now. But I can work around that.

I still hate challenges! I don’t think they are my thing. Slow n steady y’know. That’s my jam. Plus I think my body is looking pretty good as the months go by anyway so I should probably say bollox to the scale and concentrate on the muscle! 

Also I think if you just avoid anything with a barcode your body will eventually work it out. Unless you’re stuffing yourself silly. I can’t count calories and shit up. I ain’t got time in my life for that! But if you can or if you are a challenge queen then I salute you! If not, come join me for a martini.

There are a lot of ways around things. I think some people are like really disiplined in terms of diet, from my perspective anyway. Then some people think my diet is fairly disiplined generally. It’s all relative I guess. 

So tonight I ate the stuff I said earlier. I want to puke. I ate too much but the Doc was like… That wasn’t much. I was fearful of puking into my handbag on the train. 

Mussels in the handbag! Not classy. 


I’ll let you know the next experiment ๐Ÿ˜ƒโค๏ธ

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