Giving up sugar!

So sugar is kinda shit right? There’s been a big movement to quit sugar in the last couple of years and I did once count up my sugar for the day and even with eating a pretty healthy diet it was still above the recommended amount.I had left out the sugar I have in my tea and coffee. Some sort of denial or something. I kind of ignore that stuff.

So anyway there’s another 28 day challenge on at the gym. Yea I know. I said I hate them. I do. But I’m going to do it and add in a bit of sweet potato and a banana to see the difference with the running. It’s an experiment right! I’m going to start tommorrow! I change my mind a lot! Meh!

So one of the emails about it was that you should be thinking about quitting sugar. I’m like ahhhh yea that’s cool I don’t eat much sugar. Then it dawned on me about tea and coffee. And I was immediately shitted!

So I went for a run and dropped in the zone fresh to buy some organic orange spice yoga tea something for like the price of a weeks groceries.

I might be grumpy. I might get a headache.

Then I went on line to get some words of wisdom and see if anyone else felt as miserable about it as me….

This person is kinda angry…

4 months ago

If you put sugar in your coffee, you will die. If you don’t put sugar in your coffee, you will die. If you don’t drink coffee at all, you will die. Bottom line: you will die.
This ones shitted with him…

2 months ago

Too true AxelDC! Maybe we can influence how we die though….. or prolong our dying by doing or not doing things………. like drinking or not drinking coffee…or whatever!
This one! Jeez!

5months ago

Ok so I accidentally spilled a lot of sugar in my coffee this mourning, I was already running late so I just decided to take it with me. I drank it all and now my heart rate is crazy and feels achy! Should I be concerned, I’ve been on the Internet for 10mins and I can’t find one assuring site telling me I’ll be fine and that I just shouldn’t do it again. I’m extremely scared and stressed at my racing heart and headache! Advice please!
To the rescue comes…

5 months ago

Sugar is sugar. Its not good for you. It must have been ALOT if you literally feel your heart aching. That’s not good. I doubt your going to drop dead, but yeah don’t add that much again. If you ever accidentally add that much just pour like 3/4 of it out and just add some more coffee to it. If you need a doctor then just like find one.
And then in comes …

Happy Harvard

5 months ago

I use sweetner.
Then organic Jill…

5 months ago

It seems that none of you know a thing about nutrition. Sweeteners are in fact deadly. You will die. It’s chemicals. I actually wish you would all die because of the shit you speak.
Jill seems to be in a shit mood.

5 months ago

That’s actually a very rude way to respond Jill. Maybe you would like to educate instead. I find your tone very unpleasant!
Organic JIll

5 months ago

Fuck off NIgel.

More on sugarΒ here.


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