Month: May 2016

Running streaks….

So there’s this whole movement for running streaks. You can even be part of some sort of association for running streakers if it’s your jam!  Basically you have to run a mile a day to qualify as a running streaker…. Read More ›

Tumeric lurve…❤️

So I mentioned tumeric tea I think a few weeks ago. Tumeric is great. Good for allsorts, joints, inflammation and much more, but it just makes me happy. I like yellow things. I have a page called the sunshine board… Read More ›

Dani is fed up of chicken!

Hello! So last week was a bit of a write off. There was a sore knee, a struggle with sugar, a massive dental bill and a Mercury retrograde! Apparently that’s responsible for everything so I’m going with that. This week… Read More ›