Dani is fed up of chicken!


So last week was a bit of a write off. There was a sore knee, a struggle with sugar, a massive dental bill and a Mercury retrograde! Apparently that’s responsible for everything so I’m going with that. This week is much better and I’ve run out of sugar so I’m sucking it up. It’s not bad. I think I was more grumpy when I still had it and the guilt was killing me every time I slipped one in my tea! So there’s the lesson. Don’t buy it. Save yourself some angst n all that!

So I eventually got my shit together, had a big food prep, had a word with myself, went to the physio and all is much better. Everything is temporary right? Yup.

So this morning my mate Dani sends me a message requesting some BANGIN vegetarian recipes. She’s fed up of boiled chicken. Jolly good I said and sent her a heap. I included things like dressings etc because I’m thoughtful and handy like that.

Actually I do owe my vegetarian awesome cooking skills to the Doc. She taught me everything I know when it comes to this stuff. When we were first together she saved many dishes that I was about to tip in the bin with some sort of dressing or sauce. I’ve had many cooking disasters in my life. I seem to have overcome that. But y’know occasionally I can mess something up spectacularly. Shrug!

So anyway, one of the things I suggested to Dani was to do herself a favour and goย here.

Green Kitchen Stories float my boat. This is a particularly nice dish but have a good look through the whole site. There is also a you tube channel and also an APP! I use the APP all the time. You’ll find it by searching for Green Kitchen. It’s all very scandanavian and gorgeous.


2 thoughts on “Dani is fed up of chicken!

  1. Oh yum! I really like the look of that Yoga Pot on Green Kitchen Stories. I’m totally in the mood for nourishing veg dishes at the moment. I made Kitcheree and a Cabbage and Red Lentil soup on the weekend, and this Yoga Pot might be on my list for next weekend. My week’s been a bit like yours was, so hopefully all this veg goodness will give me the lift I need. Happy eating ๐Ÿ™‚


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