Today was a good day….

So today was fab! Oh yes it was!

Kicked off with a 5 am start to do a 10 k race. It’s a smaller race through the botanic gardens and along the river, one of the best routes I reckon. I make any excuse to run the river.

I was feeling a bit bluuuurgghhhh this week as I’ve had a big heap of shifts with not much down time so I was just going to go run it and hadn’t given it much thought. Well anyway once I got there I decided to give it a bloody good shot and suffer through some heaving moments.

The first time I ran 10 k I think it took me something like 1 hour 28. Then 1.20, then 1,17, then 1.15, then 1.11.

Today was 1 hour 4 mins and also a PB for 5 k which was 31 mins.

I’m not the fastest runner but it’s so heartening to see improvement. I think we all do this a bit, it’s great to see improvements in time. I don’t think it matters heaps, I mean just get out there and run right! But I have to say I was pretty pleased today.

I had my pacer hype girl with me which always helps and it was also a PB for her. So we were very bloody pleased with ourselves.

We followed up the run with a Japanese massage and a bath and a bangin vegan dinner.

It really has been a fabulous day. 

If you fancy some good recipes check out oh she glows… You can find it here.

Chuck extra kale in everything. Kale is THE BEST!


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