Oh and the sugar thang….

So you remember like two weeks or so ago I was trying the giving up my spoonful of sugar in coffee and my half spoon in tea??


The first week was a write off and I was like a crack cocaine junkie slipping them in guiltily. Then I ran out. And so I just didn’t do it. 

So I was shitted and often felt the need to twat people round the head several times during the day.

Now… I’m all good. I’m kinda used to it. Taaaaa daaaaaaaa! 

However I still sometimes have the urge to twat random people  round the head but I don’t think it’s the sugar! 

Dr Kens mantra of ‘Show the sugar who’s boss’ has been helpful! I held myself back from making an appointment to discuss the twatting people round the head bit! 

It’s all good 😃

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