Tumeric lurve…❤️

So I mentioned tumeric tea I think a few weeks ago. Tumeric is great. Good for allsorts, joints, inflammation and much more, but it just makes me happy. I like yellow things. I have a page called the sunshine board on Pintrest just because I love yellow so much! Yep I do!

So if you’re feeling a bit bluuuurgh, a bit blahhhhhh, make a pan full of this and get it down you. It might make you feel sunshiny! I have mine without the honey. It’s probably nicer with the honey but I’m used to it without. 

Also a side note… You know the Mercury retrograde thing my mate was on about the other week. You know the one I blamed everything on, just because I could. Well my oracle of such things says to me last night at work… Oh there’s 3 more days left. These are the worst but then it’s over.

I’m like what!!!! You said it was 10 days. She’s like yea I lied!!!!!!

See I’m not really into the astrology stuff but thought I’d pass that on for those who are and might be in a funk! You’ve got 3 days! It’s temporary whooooop! Kinda like pushing a baby out right? It’s all going to end😃

In the meantime make a pan of this…. It might get you through. Choose a fave cup. It’s gonna be okay!!!! ❤️


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