Speed doesn’t really matter….

So I’ve got a few mates recently who have started the running thang. Interestingly we all seem to be a bit the same when we start running in terms of worrying about speed. We spark up our Garmins and analyse every run. Then we say ‘Ummmmm yea I’m pretty slow’.
Fuck that shit! I mean in terms of a running journey think back a bit. When you managed your first 5 k were you worried about speed. I wasn’t. I was worried that I was still breathing! It didn’t matter. The speed not the breathing! We were just happy to have notched up 5 k. We hesitantly said ‘ Ummm yea, I’m a runner and felt pretty bloody pleased with ourselves. When we moved on to 8k and 10k and 21k it didn’t matter too much either. What mattered was getting out of bed and fitting in the runs. Wondering whether that banana we just ate was going to fuck us over.
We ran fast little nippy runs ( if we had a hype girl or hype boy) and we ran long slow sleepy runs. We ran after too many martinis, we nearly threw up on the opera house steps.We ran when we were tired, when we were fired up, then we added a few sprints for the heave factor.
Most of all we ran consistantly. That’s the key. If you run with consistency you will probably get a bit faster. And if you don’t it doesn’t matter. You are a runner. You are a shining light in peachy bottom enhancing tights and you are a total sparkly star. Yes you are.
Someone will ALWAYS be faster. Yup.

But yea I get it. And I think it’s fine to be very bloody pleased when you get a good time. Blow your trumpet! Do! I will blow it with you! But don’t let any negative thoughts of time fuck with your total joy of being a runner. Run without your Garmin if you have to. Concentrate on time or mileage or something else instead.
You are a runner. You are the shit!
You want more…. Check this out….Β So you’re a slow runner?

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