Running streaks….

So there’s this whole movement for running streaks. You can even be part of some sort of association for running streakers if it’s your jam! 

Basically you have to run a mile a day to qualify as a running streaker. That’s 1.6km, so round the corner and back. Of course you mix it up with your longer runs but you must run at least 1.6km every day. I don’t think it would be for everyone due to schedules, injuries etc but I think it’s a great thing to do if there’s nothing holding you back. I reckon stretching and foam rollering is a must for this. 

I got to thinking about this as the Doc has been on a bit of a running streak of late. She’s like that, she gets an idea in her head and goes for it hell for leather. So she’s been out most days at crazy o’clock after numerous sit ups and rolling around. I think it’s a bit like when you have a training programme. When I was doing my half marathon training, although it sometimes feels hard to fit it in you just do it because you have to, so in a funny way it kind of makes it easier. 

I do think real consistency with running is the key. You actually develop much more during organised training rather than hit and miss stuff. I’m keen on that because I like to have a programme, I’m that kind of person. Some people would hate that though. I think it’s probably the same for running streaks. 

I might try this after I come back from Italy. The only challenge will be running 1.6k between two 12 hr shifts. Then again the joy of it is…. It’s only 1.6!!! I can run up and down the street in front of the house!  No murder in the dark and all that!

Then I need to think about half marathon training again. Next one September. ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

Also it’s the first day of the Runners World running streak today if you want to join in…..

Anyway I shall give it some thought. Here’s a good article about a running streak…

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