With love from Rome…

So currently we are on a Roman holiday.

1.It’s like a university town for Nuns and priests. I’m not sure how the costumes work but I liken it to student nurses and midwives. I think the lighter colours mean you are young and inexperienced. I’m quite fascinated by it and can’t stop snapping photos of them! There seems to be lots of note taking in the churches. I would be making notes too. I think if you’d like to be a Nun or a priest this is the most picturesque place to do it, but I don’t suppose that is the point for them. Perfect setting though.

2. More Nuns. See I can’t stop!

3. Half abandoned medieval towns on hilltops. Take your pick in Italy, there are heaps! Everywhere was built on a hill, for defence. They are amazingly beautiful but often pretty empty. All the youngsters go to the cities and so there are just the old people left. I tell you what though, if you had a stair master challenge they would beat you hands down. They are up and down those hills and steps like little mountain goats! 

We went to one town with a fabulous castle and the gatekeeper lived in the gatehouse. The place where you paid entry was a hatch into her kitchen. She was cooking. Always cooking apparently and lived their with her 2 sons in their 40s. That may be why she is always cooking. I couldn’t get over the hatch into her kitchen!!!

Also there are lots of cats. Lots.

4. Cat sanctuary. For real. This is a cat sanctuary. It’s in all these abandoned ruins in the city and between 1pm and 5pm you can pop along and adopt a cat. You can go underground and play with the cats and buy a cat mug or calendar or whatever else takes your fancy. Cute right! 

5. There are a lot of statues. Heaps. Water fountains galore. Spunky statues of boys. I love them. There are also a lot of very annoying buskers playing hideous film tunes like Titanic on electric guitars. I would pay them to go away.

6. We were fortunate enough to get a little rooftop garden on our apartment and this is the view. Swoon! The Vatican and also this little tower with a really cute story….

 In this picture, to the left of St Peters basilica, is the tower of the Palazzo Scapucci. Legend has it that in the 16th century the family’s exotic pet monkey Hilda stole the bambino Scapucci and took him to the rooftop of the tower. No one could get her to bring the baby down. The father prayed to the Virgin and promised to build a tabernacle in her honour if the baby was returned. Sure enough Hilda then came down and handed back the bambino. 

That is why today at the top of the tower, at the exact spot where the monkey is believed to have taken the child, a statue of Our Lady stands, adorned with the Scapucci crest (a half moon and a star), and an eternal flame. Future owners are obliged to keep the flame lit, or forfeit their right to the property. (Thanks to the Doc for the story)❤️

7. Running around the Vatican City. It’s probably easy to go on holiday and think stuff the running for 3 weeks but don’t!!!! Because you get to have pics like this! Plus read next point….

8. Vatican City running. The best way to see a place when on holiday is to get up early before the crowds and run it! You will see much more. You will discover tiny little back streets. You’ll get the best pictures! It’s so worth it. You might get lost. Who cares. You will be terribly pleased.

9. The Doc. Stylin! It’s a city for shops. Boutiques galore. I have seen several dresses but have found nothing under $600 that I would want. It can be pricy but there are cheaper and mid price shops too in different areas. Maybe I am just drawn to the $600 frocks! Ouch! So at the moment I am just fingering them. The Doc however is having very good shopping luck ❤️

Rome. It’s kinda swoony ❤️

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