So today we came to Amsterdam. It’s been a funny kind of day and started by being trapped in the stairwell.

We left our apartment in Rome leaving our keys on the table as instructed. There were 138 steps up to our apartment and we have spent the whole time there saying how great it is for our legs whilst whinging a lot. So anyway at the bottom of the stairs before you get to the front door is an iron gate which we have been unlocking with another key everytime we came down the stairs. So this morning we leave the keys in the apartment and lug our cases down the 138 steps and when we get to the gate the Doc shrieks!!!! No key! We are trapped in the stairwell. I think she said that phrase out loud.

There is a taxi outside and the Doc runs frantically up and down the stairs knocking on doors. Various old crones tell her to go away, I’m sleeping, phone the woman you rented off, I don’t care, you wake me for the trapped!!!! Help, help emergency she cries.

I’m leaning out of the window yelling to the taxi driver ‘Señor, Señor we are trapped’! He is good natured and yells ‘Si, Si I wait’. Maybe he’s used to it. The Doc is banging on doors, I’m getting chest pain and eventually some old crone hisses through her door…. ‘The button on the left, you wake me for not finding the button’.

 I’m dying.

We find the button. We are a bit embarrassed about not knowing about the button.

Don’t lock the toilet doors in Rome. Ive been trapped in those too.

So we get to Amsterdam and after we are all comfy in our pyjamas we decide we are hungry. So I throw on some jeans and add some red lipstick, I don’t know why, my hair is kind of crazy. The Doc decides she is fine as she is and is wearing some sort of get up that is kind of trackie pants and no underwear. It’s a psychotic kind of look. Clutching the plastic bag from the supermarket we got earlier as they charge for them. When we get back we try to get in the door. Our apartment is between two very busy al fresco restaurants. We are furiously trying to make the key work. We can’t get in. I hiss….. Look at how we are dressed. Regarde mon visage! 

Suddenly we realise we are at the wrong door and the one we want is directly next to it. The Doc does some furious head nodding. We get in.

It’s actually been hilarious!!! ❤️

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