There’s no place like home… 

So I was going to write about my morning. But I don’t know when that was, I mean it was various times in various time zones. I think it might have been in Dubai though. There were breakfast things out in the lounge so that counts as morning I reckon.

So I had a shower in the fabulous Emirates bathrooms. We don’t travel business, we ain’t that rich but we do get access to the lounge because of the Docs status points or something. I mean the only reason I end up in the posh bathroom at the airport is because of the Doc. No riches here, nothing  to see!!! But I get to use the stuff. I even shave my legs in there, even if they don’t need it, because you get the stuff!

And then I had breakfast. I choose curry. I know. It’s breakfast, there’s pastries and shit. But I like curry and I’ve been living on bread.

Then I try to sign into my blog course I’m doing with Pip Lincoln. And it’s all in Arabic. There are buttons to press but I’m delirious and its in Arabic so I leave it.

I drink a whole bottle of Voss water. Because I can, and it’s in the glass bottle and it’s free. I’m one of those people who takes full advantage of a business lounge.

I loll around a lot on the big armchairs. The coffee machine plays Motzart as it pours my coffee. We still can’t work out the name of the tune. Minuet in g? Nahhhh… Something about music in a garden? Hmmmm… Starts with A? Hmmm that’s helpful. We never work it out. I shall ask the Grandmother. It’s uplifting.

Then I get on the plane and watch ‘The Visit’. Omg. Now I cannot get out of my mind the Grandmother crawling under the house. I think I shrieked out loud!

And then I was back in Queensland and it was morning again. There were a lot of mornings today!!❤️

6 thoughts on “There’s no place like home… 

  1. That is a whole lot of mornings! I have never been into a lounge at an airport so I was savouring the experience vicariously through you. I would have taken a bottle of water for the road (or air) too. At least you had nice shaved pins when you arrived home.

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  2. No wonder you were delirious – trying to read the course in Arabic! I’ve never been in an airport lounge either, but recently a friend bought me a membership the National Gallery (in Melbourne)this has a Members’ Lounge. I fancied myself very much in this lounge, drinking my free peppermint tea and reading my free Sunday paper. I would like to try an airport lounge – I think I’d love it! Queensland’s not half bad either.


    • It’s too much fun! And I feel a complete fraud but try to carry it off like I do it all the time!!!!
      I’m swooning over the free lounge and peppermint tea and newspapers. You MUST blog about that… Describe the people and the smells and all the stuff! Can’t wait! 😃

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    • I know Sandra… Like totes posh… The poshest!!!! Hilarious. I mean you don’t need it to play music right?! I was delighted they had chosen an uplifting piece though 😃


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