Airports and planes are interesting places. As a lot of people know I came back from Amsterdam yesterday and we had to leave our apartment at 3.30 pm. It was pouring down in Amsterdam and as we had these two big cases we decided to just go to the airport early. Like 6 hours early. It reminded me of the time that I emigrated to New Zealand. I made everyone get to the airport 8 hours early because,

1. It was a one way ticket and we couldn’t miss the flight.

2. I was hysterical.

So back then I was clearly crazy because the spunky girl was complaining heaps about wanting a prawn baguette and everyone else wanted food. The queue at the cafe was so long I just walked out with a tray full of food and didn’t bother paying.

I know! Outrageous. But I was hysterical and I don’t usually do that. Clearly getting arrested before emigrating was something I didn’t consider. ๐Ÿ™„ I mean gawd I was out of my mind!

(Note to readers: Don’t nick things in airports. I don’t advise this. You’ll feel bad about it years later. Yup.)

So anyway I didn’t nick anything in Amsterdam.

There is actually a fair few good shops in the airport and we found G Star Raw. Love it. The Doc particularly likes it and as she is teeny tiny she fits into everything like a model. I usually have the smacked arse face thinking ‘My tits are too big for that’. But joy, success, I find a jacket and it’s too big, so I try another, too big and finally I try the medium and I’m like yup, I’m a model, omg, I look amazing right. Loved it. Then looked at the price.

Then I ย thought, I’m having it. It’s G Star, it fitted, shut up! Then I discovered it was 30% off. That was totally written in the stars right?

I clearly needed it.

Actually I did, because I don’t have a jacket, apart from the duvet intrepid explorer style one I took to Tasmania and wore on my 7 hour hike where I had the smacked arse face. But you know, that’s not stylish. That just yells wholesome and outdoorsy.

So I rammed it into my case.

We wandered around some other clothing shops and the Doc bought a pair of green pyjama pants. The nicest green. Kind of faded green. I picked up some pyjama pants and a top and then yelled…. I am spending money for the sake of it yes??? I mean I don’t need to buy pyjamas in Amsterdam. I probably don’t need to buy pyjamas. So I put them back, folded the correct way because I reckon that would really shit me if I worked in a shop.

Then I went to buy a coffee and pretended I didn’t speak English to someone who wanted a conversation. I don’t know why I just didn’t really want to get involved. I don’t usually do that either. I’m painting a picture of myself as someone who nicks food from airports and pretends to be a different nationality but y’know that’s not a usual thing! Maybe it’s a travel thing? I go crazy in airports or something!

So anyway as I wanted to make this post something that hasn’t wasted the last 5 mins of your life reading, I’m going to give you a hot tip. If you have lounge access and there is no lounge in the airport you’re ย in (Amsterdam doesn’t have an Emirates lounge, they have some sort of lounge 20 mins walk away) then mention this and they will give you $50 to use in any restaurant!!! That is totally random right? I would make people walk for the 20 mins. So we went and bought bowls of ramen noodles and endame and seaweed crispy things.

There were the usually goings on of the airport. Stressed people, arguments, happy people, miserable people. A girl in the restaurant was great, it clearly wasn’t her first glass of wine. She made several friends and the waiter tried to teach her to use chopsticks. I wonder if she made her flight.

Then when we got on the plane there was someone in my seat. It’s always awkward that. I politely dealt with it while asking her what her seat number actually was. She hadn’t got a seat next to her husband so they had taken the aisle and window seat and left the one in the middle hoping that no one else would turn up. We respectively shoved them out and I did suggest they ask the hosties if they could help. The lady eventually ended up sitting next to me the whole flight and was delightful and I felt a bit sad that they didn’t get to sit together. She had low cholesterol meals. I notice stuff like that. It’s what the sticker said. I was surprised there was a choice about cholesterol!! ย Airlines also do something called a bland meal. I noticed this last year. I was intrigued. Everything in the meal was kind of white or beige. I wonder why people would need bland? They could never stay with me. I would kill them with chilli. โค๏ธ

8 thoughts on “Yesterday…

    • Haaaa! Yayyy! Planes gawd! Now I’m actually awake at 03.43 hours because I didn’t take the melotonin. I was like nahhhh I’m good, no jet lag for me, don’t need it tonight nahhhh! Pfffft.
      I could probably do with a bland meal right now ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
      Thanks for reading and for your lovely comment ๐Ÿ˜˜xx


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