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IMG_8148So I’ve got this Instagram account. I mostly put fitness/running related stuff on it. I wasn’t really into Instagram when it started but I’ve become more keen on it. It’s kinda snippity (is that a word?) so you can just shove on quick pics and it’s a nice progress log.

Anyway, I don’t really have many commenters but I do get likes and it’s nice, generally because it’s sporty people who I admire a lot when I look at their page and it’s like a thumbs up and makes me feel supported. I also like looking at their quads.

Well today I got a comment from a random person. Mr D. An older bearded chappie who said ‘How do you do it?’

It stopped me in my tracks because I’m like ‘what… Are you talking to me?’ I’m kind of looking behind me. I’m no expert on fitness or nutrition.

Then I’m like…. Hmmmm is this a crazy person, is this wolf creek? Now I know that sounds really bad but y’know there are crazy people around. Like for real. And then I thought… This is a bit silly, give him the benefit of the doubt. So I reply and say … Start with couch to 5 k… He says I’m active but can’t seem to lose the weight…. I’m like wahhhhhh I AM NO EXPERT… so I’m like oh well it’s diet then, don’t eat anything with a barcode on it for a few weeks ๐Ÿ˜ƒ and then I’m like gahhhhh awkward as I finger the extra 9 kilos on my gut! And I’m like, shit, I hate diet talk stuff anyway.

It just took me by surprise because I don’t think I’m qualified to give advice about this kind of stuff. I mean I can tell people what I think, or what I do but they have to drive their own bus. And it’s not like I’m some kind of revealing a perfect body type Instagram account. You know, the ones with the six packs out in bikinis. I mean lordy, my pics are like sweaty after run type ones and a bit of inspo running pics.

So then I got to thinking about how some people really get followed in the fitness/body area on Instagram. I see a lot of people asking questions and these people act as experts in that field. I don’t really know if they are. I’ve read some shit I’ve been astounded by and there are people idolising the people on these accounts and following every word. There also seems to be a bit of money making stuff going on too that I’m not too sure about.

I’m not saying these people don’t know some stuff but I don’t know if the advice is always correct. Or useful.

I mean I can’t give advice to an overweight man in his late 50s on nutrition or exercise. I’m not a nutritionalist and I’m not a personal trainer. In fact if he comments again I might mention that.

It’s all a bit weird but it’s not wolf creek. Phew.

I could make my account private but I don’t want to, privacy is not my concern. I think just knowing where I stand on giving advice that I’m not qualified for is what I wanted to work out. So I won’t.

I probably will never get another comment again asking advice on my clearly perfect body but if you guys who know me want to know then send me $130 and I will send you a learn to run plan. As a free gift I will add a nutrition plan. Not only that but as 2 more free gifts I will send you 20 smoothie recipes and a vegetarian lentil loaf recipie. This adds up to $1295 worth of value for only $130. Press the like button if you want to know more.โค๏ธ


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