Post night duty, not enough sleep, spunky girl found her way to Australia post!

So the spunky girl arrived from the motherland. Yup. She got on a plane and found her way. 

She messages me like 3 weeks ago going ‘ oh I might come over in a couple of weeks’. She’s like this. Random sudden ideas. I’m like ‘Yay, but it’s winter, I have no holidays, I do have ghd straighteners though!’ She’s like ‘Cool, see you soon’. So she navigates her way without getting lost in Dubai airport ( this is easily done) and turns up after 30 hours plus to a box of rose hip tea and wearing her mc hammer but not actually mc hammer pants. 

I was on a night duty, that’s what happens when you randomly turn up on the other side of the world so the Doc and the spunky boy went to get her from the airport at stupid o’clock and I came home to happiness family lurve and cups of tea and lols. 

There was much talk about jet lag stuff and a deal that I would go to bed and she would go for a nap a bit later. She is napping. I am going to hammer on the door soon then dose her with the secret stash of melotonin later tonight.

I AM SO EXCITED!!!! The spunky girl is a lot of fun and like a slightly more hysterical younger version of me. There will be much hysterical laughter and ALL of the familiar things will happen. Rose hip tea will happen a lot.

Spunky girl has lived in Australia but never in this town so there are things to show.

It’s freezing I say…. Nahhhhh it’s alright she says. She has come from the motherland after all. It’s positively balmy for her. I get her for nearly 3 weeks. Getting the spunky girl for 3 weeks is THE BEST! 

I’m going to make her run!

Big spunky boy has gone home after a few hours as new housemate is moving into the big wooden house with all the other fabulous housemates. He will take charge of this and do all the settling in and this is when you pay the bills routine. He is like the organiser. The ‘Is everyone okay, are we all happy person’. #skillzzzz

Younger spunky boy will come home and say hi to spunky girl, then say he’s hungry. Then he will need a lift to the army club and come home 3 hours later with his voice a couple of octaves deeper. This lasts for approximately 45 mins.

Then the Doc will come home and hopefully make martinis. She is reading a book at the moment that I’m loving the sound of. The husband and wife have these parties that they call cocktail parties ….. It’s actually just gin and vermouth. Martinis. But every morning the husband pre mixes a jug of it. By the time he gets home the wife is a bit pissed and has drunk half the jug. I’m keen on reading this book.

The Doc has a friend who I like very much. During a conversation with her once we were talking about bringing up kids and she said ‘You know, I don’t know if I was ever very good at it!’ 

I loved her even more after that comment! And I looked at those kids this morning and thought ‘ I don’t know if I was ever very good at it’ but despite that they are the best most fantastic people I know!

Happiness despite some of the cock ups! 

I totes passed the parenting test!!!! Yup. β€οΈπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

4 thoughts on “Post night duty, not enough sleep, spunky girl found her way to Australia post!

  1. I think that if your kiddos are your favorite people in the world then you are doing a fab job. Hope I can say the same one day! Also I am saving for my daughter’s future therapy fund. Kiddingnotkidding. XO

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