That’s not what I’m lookin for today darlin….

I haven’t blogged for a bit. I’m busy with the spunky girl. So just a quickie…

Yesterday morning we went to the markets because it was the big spunky boys birthday so a lentil roast was in order. The Doc knows the seafood man at the market. He sells the oysters and we do sometimes eat oysters. As often as possible really. So it was like a crack cocaine deal. The Doc wanders up to the seafood man and quietly says ‘Got any oysters?’. Seafood man says ‘Nah, but I’ve got some tiger prawns’. 

I’m like in my mind…… Say it, say it….. But nahhhhhhhh she didn’t say it!!!! 

It’s easy. You go…. That’s not what I’m lookin for today darlin. But nah. Fail. #southlondonseafooddealfail

I had ALL the lols.

But we did have coffee, cherries, bags of veg and a lentil roast for tea. 

Spunky boy had a nice night which included Greek classics ❤️

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