Golliwogs. Nah. Not okay.

There’s been a few posts I’ve seen on Facebook recently in the genre of ‘Bring back Golly’. 


On most of these posts people go down the path of …. This is political correctness gone mad, it’s just a doll, I’m nostalgic, it’s from my childhood etc and then get awfully uppity and cross if you point out the ignorance involved in this stance.

Golliwogs are pretty offensive to people of colour and the article below explains why. You might not know this stuff. You might be on the Awwww look at Golli bus.

That’s a bus worth getting off.

I think if people of colour go ‘Hmmm you know what, I actually find that offensive and this is why’, then we should listen.

It’s not just a doll. 

Ring the bell.
Read this.

4 thoughts on “Golliwogs. Nah. Not okay.

  1. My son was given one by his grandfather, when my son was about two. And it was given with the comment ‘this might seem politically incorrect’. Um – yes. At the same time, he (my son) loved it and didn’t see any difference between it, his other soft toys (which included postman pat, bob the builder and all his friends, and then animals). So we got confused – were we making an issue or not? Time to reconsider I think – thanks.

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