Running through menopause…

I read a comment on the web the other day that said ‘I thought I was bipolar but I’ve actually got the menopause’!

I was like ‘Aha, yup!’

When I was at Uni there would be a palpable pause and sideways looks at me if there was an awkward question to be asked or something outrageous needed to be said. You could rely on me.

So this post is perhaps TMI for some people. That’s alright, switch off now and go make yourself a cup of tea or something. People are not very good about talking about the menopause. It’s like nahhhhh, that’s personal shiz. I guess it’s a bit like periods. You know, blood flow from the vagina. People really get their knickers in a twist. But y’know I feel I have a bit of a duty to mention the uncomfortable things. I like the awkward stuff. I reckon peeps would be much happier if they talked about the awkward stuff more.

There also does seem to be more excitement about starting periods than starting menopause. It’s exciting, it’s growing up, it’s groups of teen girls at camp sites all checking their knickers because one of them started their period and there was much excitement and celebration. I’ve hung out with a lot of hippies ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

Why does menopause miss out on this. I want a fucking party!!!!!

I’m fortunate in that I work in an environment where vaginas, blood flow, arseholes and all kinds of things like this are discussed very openly. Often whilst eating a cup cake. But in the general world it’s something talked about in hushed tones with the unspoken ‘Has your vagina dried up’ question not asked.

So anyway the reason I am writing this post is because I have the menopause. Yup. It’s like 6 years early from the average. I am a baby with the menopause. It all started with some night sweats about 6 months ago and a missed period ( you know the blood from the vagina) for about 3 months. I wasn’t too bothered at this time because I do this missed period thing when I travel back to Europe over the time line. Fascinating!

So I got myself some herbs and stuff and that seemed to be going fine. The herbs made me dry retch every morning about 15 mins after taking them but I’d committed so I carried on. Then the night sweats started again.

One morning after about 5000 night sweats the Doc says…. You need to come into the surgery for a blood test. Now we had avoided the M word for quite some time so when I asked why she said….. White cell count and ummmm thyroid. I’m like fine let’s check for the lymphoma! Under her breath she mentioned fsh.

I’m too busy I announced. But I rocked up at lunchtime and flung out my arm. I laid down actually. I’m a bit vagal y’know.

So results the next day… Fsh 130 and no detectable oestrogen. Welcome to the menopause Edie. You want some e’s and p’s!!!

So I wailed for like 10 mins, felt depressed for like 2 days then went for a run.

I also started some HRT. Yup. Now this isn’t everyone’s choice. I certainly would have some friends who wouldn’t do that. There are a variety of ways of dealing with this shite. And also not everyone is the same. You know how you hear about the people who have breezed through with a bit of black cohosh and some Peruvian root. They have. And that’s great. But it’s not for everyone. My hormones have announced themselves loudly at every stage of my life. Pre menstrual syndrome, post natal depression…. They have been like fuck you Edie.

So seeing as I have done some hard core herbal stuff over the last year I thought nahhhhhhhhh give me the teeny tiny patch.

4 days later and life is looking brighter. Yup. And sleep is getting soooooooo much better. As the spunky girl says… TAKE THE SLEEP!!!!

The other day I was chatting with a gynae Doc friend of mine on line. He was like ‘Hey, you’ve had a fantastic year from what I can see on Facebook’, and I’m like ‘Yes I have!’. And I have but it has been interspersed with some shitty period times and a couple of months of total psycho.

It’s a wonder that I’ve been so fucking cheerful! But things are looking up.

And my vagina isn’t a dried prune. Nah. Now there’s a bonus!

To all women entering the menopause I salute you! It can be a shitty thing right. But right now I’m feeling fairly cheerful with it all!

Oh also….. Being a runner helps. Yup.

Edie. Keeping it real 2016 โค๏ธ

To read more about running through menopause clickย here.


22 thoughts on “Running through menopause…

  1. Menopause buddies ๐Ÿ™‚ it’s good to talk about it, woman’s bodies are amazing and the negative language around menopause is pretty cruel I think. I haven’t had my last period yet, so strangely lately I celebrate each period ( well for the first day anyhow haha) and when they have stopped for a year I’m going to buy myself a bottle of fancy champagne and say a toast and a thank you to my fertile years and hello to the new phase . Loved readin your post Edie xx

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  2. Night sweats, hot flushes – they’ve been going on for about a year for me. They’re kinda tiring! And irregular periods for 5 years – that’s a bit annoying. I think I’m still not quite ready to let it all go but it’s inevitable, isn’t it? And, yes, let’s feel okay to talk about it!

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    • Yes it’s interesting the ‘letting it go’ thing yes? I don’t think I really care. I mean there was a moment of What!!! I’m 45, but then I went for a run! Time to celebrate I reckon, get down with the e’s and p’s! Flux n flow, it’s all life innit. But bahhhhh to the shitty symptoms. Yes bahhhhh to that. Hope you feel better soon lovely, I feel ya. Yup xxxx

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  3. I talk to anyone and everyone about menopause because I want to know if other people are feeling as shit as I am. Truly I’ve been going through the very worst time of my life in the last year and a bit. And if I think about it, it all comes back to menopause I reckon. Turning 50 last year didn’t help, my baby turning 10 didn’t help either and my eldest in his last year of school is the pits. All these things have made me an emotional mess. And all this emotional stuff must be related to menopause. I’m such a lazy arse though, I’m sure I would feel a whole lot better if I got up and moved about. Going on the pill helped heaps. I guess that’s a form of HRT – yes? My doc told me it would help and it has. Cheers to a great post Edie.

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    • Yes some people go on the pill. I know I bang on about it a bit but exercise helps EVERYTHING so much. Anxiety, depression, all that shiz is mega helped by exercise. I guess it’s about a balance in all things including nutrition and everything else. It’s also a time to celebrate yes!!! Sometimes it gives people the fire in the belly to say Nup, I’m gonna be looking after me for a bit. I think that’s the very best thing to do because everyone else is also then happier. True story. Sorry you’ve been having such a hard time Deb. Sometimes life is a bit struggle street. But you can guarantee that will change, everything changes. I think you’re doing good. I’m barracking for ya. Yes! Xxxxxxxxxxx๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜


  4. I had a brush with this – just the other day. I was at my docs and complaining about my extra 4kgs that have moved in. I wanted to check that before I hit the pavement with the C5K app that I’m not battling some crazy disease. I was thinking thyroid – she said menopause. I was like ‘what, I’m only 43’. Early menopause is a thing. Anyway, I got my results today – everything is normal – no menopause, normal thyroid. So it’ll just be me and C5K app now. I wasn’t sure if I was happy or sad about that, but I think happy, having just read about what’s in store when it does arrive. ๐Ÿ˜ณ

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    • Yayyyy for the 5k Collette.
      Ha!! It’s not that bad love, positivity n all that. No night sweats for 3 days now, they were the worst bit! Keep running and you might have a breeze through it like me. Things are def on the up ๐Ÿ˜˜xx oh and keep me up to date with the running! Yes!


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