Give me five..

Five fabulous things for if you feel a bit blahhhhh, a bit blurghhhh or a bit gahhhhhh….

1. The first one is a bit running related. Revive your mojo and all that.

Choose somewhere new. Today we did go to run somewhere new, it’s called Woody point and it has a shipwreck and a couple of coffee shops. We hadn’t run here before and set off at a great pace to go around a corner and come to a dead end. As there were people walking behind us we just did some looking at our watches and stretches like we totally meant to do that. Then we set off on the proper run! Go somewhere new, find a dead end, then see where you end up. This works for walking too.

2. Clean out your wardrobe. Now decluttering has always been my thing. I love it and I chuck things out with reckless abandon. I’m not nostalgic, nah, my memories are all in my head. Recently we have been clearing some wardrobe space and with some inspiration from a fellow blogger I chucked out 3 bin bags and a rucksack today. Well I actually took them to the charity bins. Then I bought a shoe rack in one of those places that sell a lot of plastic boxes and things to hang in your shower. This does sound a bit boring but it actually is good for you in so many ways you might not realise. That’s a whole blog post in itself but I am a believer. Watch this spot and I will try to do a post on that sometime soon.

For the fellow blogger wardrobe tidy check out this….here

When I moved to NZ from England I could only have a suitcase so had to get rid of a 4 bedroom house full of stuff. There was a particularly memorable moment of me smashing all the pasta bowls against the kitchen wall. I was overwrought. Hysterical. You can either do it like that or take them down to Salvos. Both ways work.

3. Make some tumeric tea. That is pure sunshine. Go sweet and heavy like you are on a train in India or go without the sweet if you don’t care. It doesn’t matter. Just drink the sunshine. Put it in a special cup, make a tray, grab a blanket. Tumeric tea is one of my very fave things in the world. Yup. Try these.. Tumeric tea love.

4. Go for breakfast at The Hilton. You can go as a guest. You just rock up. You might have to pick and choose a bit, for instance the Sydney Hilton is much better than the Brisbane Hilton. I just really like the breakfast at The Hilton. You can pick and choose and have teeny shots of wheatgrass and allsorts. There’s a massive variety of nosh and you can take as long as you like. Dress up and swan in. You can also do this for lunch but I would choose other hotels for that. It can be a lovely way to spend a morning.

5. Try some guided meditation. I do have some faves, Deepak Chopra is my go to because I love his voice. The Soul of Healing is in the I tunes store. Always try to listen to a sample as I once got one that sounded a bit like Pauline Hanson. Now there would never be any bloody need for that! Do yourself a favour and listen to the sample, then tuck yourself up under a blanket and be soothed. Everyone needs to stop sometimes. Give yourself 10 mins and see how you find it. Some people in my past are only alive because of Deepak.


11 thoughts on “Give me five..

  1. I am the kind of hoarder who could be on one of those TV shows. My craft area has a little tiny space you can walk through to get to the table. I really need to learn to declutter but find it sooo hard. I’m such a sentimental, nostalgic old fool. I’ve kept every painting ever done by all three kids. I’m hopeless. It probably comes from living in the same house for the past 14 years. The few times I’ve done a declutter I feel so much better. And Turmeric tea … mmmmm!

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  2. I too am a Deepak fan. In fact my first ever published article was a diary I kept when I did a 21 Day Meditation thingy, with Deepak and Oprah. There is a really good free meditation app called Rest & Relax, my daughter uses it every night. The best bit is when she says ‘You have nothing to do but relax’. Sometimes I actually believe her!!! I’ll definitely try some of those teas – I have a great recipe for turmeric milkshake that I give to my kids – it’s called ‘Sunshine Milk’ – it’s so good! Thanks for making me giggle again today. xx

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    • Yayyyyyy…. I am feeling very pleased about the wardrobe makeover. I love to be surrounded by a bit of gorgeousness and opening that closet door made me gahhhhhh! Thanks to Robyna for the inspo!
      Hit the Hilton for brekkie! Yussssss! ๐Ÿ˜˜

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