Mojo Revival….

I think I shared with you a couple of weeks ago about losing my mojo a bit fitness wise. It wasn’t major but it was like 2 runs instead of 3 a week. I was still hitting the gym but I was feeling a bit blurrghhhh.

I think it happens to the best of us. Too many night shifts, an injury, a bit of tiredness, a lack of attention to nutrition and there you are. Stalemate.

Fortunately I did some of the things I mentioned before. I read some running mags, I looked up some inspiration, I drank some tea and looked at how far I had come. Then I went for a run and stopped eating so many snacks. Taaaaa daaaaa…mojo revived.

So I wanted to share some ideas to anyone who’s mojo might be hiding in the wardrobe. They might help flush it out.

Now I think this doesn’t just apply to current fitness peeps. Nah, everyone can get in on this. You might be current or you might be a few months out of the mojo. You might even be a beginner who has never found the mojo! You might be feeling at a standstill.

I found this article that might help. It’s got a heap of ideas you might want to try so scroll down to the bottom and press the link if you do.

Now I’ve actually got someone in mind with this post. They had quite a good mojo going and were running a heap. Unfortunately due to injury they had to stop the running and start biking. Recently they have joined a gym. A place with very similar classes to what I do. These kind of classes can be super intimidating. Yup. I know it. It’s kinda awkward, you walk in wanting to walk out. But there is a special kind of magic in these classes, there is! Firstly everyone is dying, nobody is looking at you. Nah. They are trying to breathe. Then after a while you realise there are all different fitness levels. Sometimes you will be killin it while other people are struggling and sometimes you will be the slowest most awkward looking person in the room. But by then you won’t care, you will know the others are barracking for you, your trainer is barracking for you. In fact you will not give it a thought. You will feel pretty good. Yup. It will give you all the feels. You just have to walk in. Give it three classes and you will be hooked.

To that person…..I appreciate you in advance. Remember how you felt after your first 29 min 5k. Take up your space in the world. ❤️

Read this…

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