Steps. It’s worth moving more..

I’ve got this new Garmin 235. I’m pretty excited about it as I’ve wanted to upgrade for a while. The Doc had already upgraded due to her old one not being very accurate on mileage. Before this I was perfectly happy with mine but then I saw all the cool stuff the new one does like finishing times, recovery times, calories for the day, heart rate shiz, VO2 max and allsorts. So I had the smacked arse face for a while and suddenly one appeared under my pillow!

Actually the face was only occasionally smacked arse, I was fairly graceful about it.

Anyway on this new Garmin 235 there is a step counter. As long as you wear it everyday. More steps are a good thing. Sitting is not good as various articles recently are showing. I recommend you throw away your TV. I think this is one of the best things anyone can do. We do have a TV funnily enough, it’s a huge thing that I find hilarious as we very rarely watch it. The other week I finally learned how to turn it on. Tricky suckers TV s. The spunky girl was here so we binged watched a few episodes of cults, my 600lb life and the odd making the murderer.

That’s enough for this year. I could chat about the making the murderer for the rest of the year.

Anyway, if you have a Garmin or a Fitbit or even your I phone (in the health app) you can keep an eye on your steps and do this if you fancy it……❤️

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14 thoughts on “Steps. It’s worth moving more..

    • Yay it’s a good motivator right?! I totally discovered that once by accident too!! Thanks for stopping by and good luck with the steps xx


  1. My husband had a FitBit and lost interest, but I’m ransacking the house now trying to find it so I can track my steps. I’ve also considered a treadmill desk…but I think that’s the very pricey option. Walking in nature is best!

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  2. I used a FitBit for a while but it just got on my nerves! Not the attitude I am sure. I use my phone and look at my miles rather than how many bazillion steps I have taken.
    When I run I like to use the Nike app to tell me how far I have dragged my sorry ass and how mega fast I went…..
    Anything that keeps people moving has to be a good thing though!

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  3. I look at the steps thing on my phone. It’s funny because some days (daycare days) I take 15000 steps, and other days (lazy sundays) I take under a 1000. Actually the average is only about 4000 which isn’t good enough, especially as I don’t drive = I walk everywhere!

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  4. Yes I’ve been thinking about this a bit lately – but kind of for opposite reasons. Because of ongoing health sucky stuff I want to be able to track how many steps I take before I hit pain and fatigue. If I know, then I can pull back a little to find my optimum level of activity and control the symptoms a little better. Plus I thought with a Garmin or Fitbit (haven’t done any research so no idea), I might be able to track my sleep and figure out if there are patterns with sleep and activity that contribute to my symptoms. Then… the other part of me says… nahhh have a cup of tea and a lie down and stop being so in your head all the time!!!

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