Why I changed the name of my site….

Last night I was setting up a Facebook page and my friend comes on the messenger and says….

You know the “unbreakable” slaves were the ones they killed right? I’m not sure if this is just me being oversensitive, or if it’s bigger than me and still something other people have issue with. But there was a practice called breaking the slave or buck breaking and it was very fucking harsh just in case you need to know that xox

And yes I did need to know. So we had a great convo that involved a few wahhhh’s and help me choose a name, which she didn’t because she’s like drive your own bus! And I go techno crazy for like 20 mins changing unbreakable115 to Edie115 on all my platforms. This includes a chat with the ace WordPress peeps in San Francisco who change my website to http://www.edie115.com

I took like 20 mins. And it made my friend feel less funky.

I’ve said it before, if you say or do something that makes your friends of colour feel funky or hurts them in some way then you need to listen.

I’ve grown up with my friend from 7 years old, witnessed much racism, yelled at a few people on her behalf ( though she yells pretty good and can totes drive her own bus) but sometimes there’s stuff I don’t know about. So she points it out. And then I change it. Because I love her and she is my friend. I’m also not an arsehole.

I guess the message in this is that it’s okay not to know everything. But if it’s pointed out to you then listen.

Some people that can help you out with that are white nonsense round up. I learn heaps from them. There is an interview with them here.

Of course I never meant to make my friend feel funky. But I’m always happy to be educated. And I am sorry.

From now on you will find me at http://www.edie115.com

Instagram edie115

Facebook edie115

It was a shitty name anyway xxx❤️

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