Peachy bottomed girls ❤️

I’ve got this friend who began running a few months ago. She went from nothing to 5k and I think she has even done 8 or 10k. I’ve really loved this journey because it reminds me of mine. I whooped at all the victories, nodded a lot at all the feels, admired the new shoes and so on. I have been super proud of her. So much nodding.

Then I noticed for a while that there might be a mojo problem. I totally get the mojo thing. I mean I was totally having a mojo thing too. So I nearly pm’d her going… What’s with the mojo? Then I thought… Nahhhh that’s running stalking. She’ll work it out. Shuttupayourface.

And then I got a new Garmin because remember the smacked arse face, Docs got a new Garmin story. So I had my old one. The old one I was perfectly happy with before the Doc had a new one. It’s pretty good and it has all the shiz.

So it’s been sitting there for a week and I cleared it to default. Then I decided to see if the lost mojo friend had a Garmin. I mean of course she bloody didn’t. I’d know. I stalk the Garmin boards, she would be posting stuff. She would be a massive Garmin show off! Yes!

So today I see her and I go…. How’s the running…. She goes hmmmmm I’m having some mojo shiz…. I’m like, you got a Garmin? She’s like no.


So I’m like… You can have my old one.


Now I’m not posting this to be like GAWD I AM SOOOOO NICE! Nope. But I do think you should give away your shit. You don’t need it. Give it to someone who needs it. And to someone who squeals and jumps up and down on the spot!


So coming to the second point of my post, after the I’m so nice bit 😂…. I think that when you start running you are often inspired by other people. You do your 5k then your 8 and 10 and there is this feeling that you should be progressing in some way and moving on to a half then a full marathon.


I don’t think you have to, I really don’t. For sure some people will get into distance running and be happy to run for 2 hours on the weekends following a fairly strict training plan, they like the solitude, but some people won’t. Some people want to keep their toenails and not eat the whole house. And that is awesome.

5 k is totally one of my favourite distances. You can knock it off in 30 to 40 mins or whatever and be drinking a cup of tea before you know it. It fits into life so beautifully. I reckon anyone can fit three 5 ks into their week. It’ll keep you fit, injury free and not so pissed off on days you don’t feel like running. It’s also pretty good for weight loss. There’s a real myth that you will lose heaps of weight training for a half or full marathon. It’s bollocks. You will be starving. Long distance runs make you hungry. You actually might eat the whole house. Like accidentally.

I don’t think there should be a pressure to progress. Nope. Being a 5k runner is the shit.

If you want to read more about that go here.

And give away your shit. Especially to peachy bottomed girls who are awesome. ❤️

12 thoughts on “Peachy bottomed girls ❤️

  1. There’s part of me that loves the idea of running through the streets but I’ve tried and it just ain’t me 🙁. My man’s a runner and he lurves to hit the streets for physical and mental health. Go him, I say! For me, I’ll stick with my really brisk walking and my yoga. And I totally agree about giving things away. Spread a little sunshine to others!

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  2. So true, nothing better than passing on the good stuff, now you can Garmin together! I laughed at your line about losing toe nails and eating the whole house. Damn, whenever I run I am a hungry monster and I have the wonkiest toe nails ever!! They never seem to grow back quite right…

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  3. I’m loving all your posts on running Edie. Keep them coming. I’m one session away from being at the end of week 2 on the C25K app. I’m not telling anyone though – not till the end. But just between you and me, I’ve never made it past the first week. What’s different this time is that I’m actually enjoying it (and drink less wine so I can be ok to go!). Now I just need to get me a Garmin! 🏃

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    • Whooooooppp… I’m bloody barracking for you! I was hoping you’d do this. Just don’t give it much thought and go and before you know it…. SHAZAM.
      I am lolling so heartily at the drink less wine do I’m okay to go because it reads like it’s your general drink,like cups of tea and you just drink a bit less 😂😂😂. Keep going!!! You can do it!!! Xxxx

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      • Hilarious! I don’t drink wine quite as much as tea, but probably would if it was socially acceptable to do so (and if I didn’t suffer such terrible hangovers!). But I think a trot out is a good trade for a glass of vino! I’m waiting for my husband to get home before it goes dark, so I can go for my final run for week 2. 💃🏻

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