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img_2526So the last couple of weeks have been me chanting the mantra…. Don’t write a blog post, don’t write a blog post. This was wise because I was having a few of the hormonal ups and downs. You know, the ones where you are like slightly mental and do things like announce ‘Thats it, I’ve had enough, I might just drive to Alice Springs!’. Soothing clucking response from the Doc and sensible suggestions about how that would be tricky as I might need her for direction (she’s run with me) and plus there are loads of flies in Alice that would go up my nose and I wouldn’t be pleased about that. I’d have to make the special hat and everything! Plus Matron and MUM would be shitted if I didn’t turn up for work.

So the whole menopause/peri menopause thang has been a bit of a shit. You might remember from an earlier blog post I had some of the night sweats and then decided to go on HRT cos you know fuck that. Well the first two weeks of the teeny tiny patch were fabulous. I’m like yup I’ve got this. Then the progesterone decided to mess me up hence the Alice Springs thang. So then I changed to an oestrogen receptor steroid thing. Nahhhhh…. Think PMS X 27 times… With a host of other nasty things like abdo pain, nausea, dizziness etc.

I was reminded at this point that I actually never do well with hormonal preparations. I knew this, like I totally did, but clearly I had conveniently forgotten because I decide I know exactly what to do about EVERYTHING until I realise I don’t. This is why I have often repeated mistakes in life, you know, just to be sure!

So I ditched the hormones and went back to the herbs. Which actually the Doc had suggested I could try in the first place just to see if that did the trick. She’s often right and sensitive to my hormonal fluctuations.

So a few days later, a rather massive bunch of flowers and a lot of kindness from the Doc I am fully herbeled up and back to doing the crab dance across the kitchen floor! The Doc beamed and said ‘Oh darling you’re feeling so much better’. The crab dance is generally a very good indication.

Anyway I’m not sure what will happen now, I mean gawd I don’t know enough about this kind of thing but I do know hormones make me want to drive to Alice Springs and kinda funky to be around. So there’s a lesson. They probably work fabulously for some people and I think that’s great. If they do you have won the hormone lottery! Congratulations. I want to stab you with my fork while I eat cake! #joking #kindof

But there is a percentage of women who are intolerant to hormones and that’s tricky.Progesterone ain’t my friend. So you have to think about lifestyle and other stuff. Exercise is good they say, I was feeling very superior about that one until I felt so shite my runs were becoming a joke. I’ve got a half marathon in 4 weeks but I’m cool with it, I can always hitch a ride on the swag wagon. ๐Ÿ˜Ž

Acupuncture has had some good reviews. I’m not sure for myself as I have done a bit of this in the past with not much result but have also heard stories of great results. Ayurvedic medicine has also had some good reviews.I think overall you have to just go through a process of trying all different things and see what works for you. I have a new herbal preparation and at the moment I’m totally putting my faith in it. I might end up writing another post saying it was shit but you know I’m a tryer!!! I also don’t want to end up with a menopause blog! Heavens to betsy! But an update was in order!

So now I am bleeding and feeling totally crab dance happy. I know, I still have periods but I’m kinda menopausal, I don’t get it either, I must have been out the back having a fag or something during that particular hormone lecture!

So conclusion… If it’s only odd shitty nights of sweats and you have a fan and the odd moment of rarrrr you might be generally all good with a bit of herbs. I mean that sounds like a perfect life to me after HRT horribleness. I mean fan, massage, a bit of dark chocolate and a martini might fix that right up ๐Ÿ˜ that’s my plan โค๏ธ

Oh also thanks to all my midwifery type friends who sent me lovely messages of love in the past week…. They ain’t frightened of vaginas and hormones. Nah.

Edie 2016 #stillkeepinitreal โค๏ธ

4 thoughts on “Update and stuff…

  1. There are so many ace things about being a woman, but hormones is not one of them. It is only hormones that can trick you into thinking you truly are headed for the funny farm. I hope things settle down for you. xx

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