Long run stuff……

So today I had to do my last long run before my next half marathon which is in 11 days time. Last time I did a half I was totally OCD about my training schedule. Every run was to the exact distance with Hal Higdon whispering encouragement in my ear hole every so often. This time I ditched Hal. I have followed his training programme again though I may have possibly missed an odd run here and there. I’m hoping that’s not a massive problem and that I won’t end up on the back of the swag wagon. I’m counting on a fairly good running base to get me through.

I don’t know if you remember my hysteria last time at the final long run before the half. The Doc took me down to the river and ran one big loop with me then let me finish the last few km. I had a similar hysteria funnily enough today. I went off down to my usual gym session with morning with crampy horrible belly ache and sucked it up. Then I got back and knew that if I didn’t get out early I could possibly end up laying on the floor hyperventilating and facetiming the Doc.

So I got out quick and planned a slow run. Slow because y’know it’s just a training run and also slow because I didn’t know if I was actually sick or just suffering from pre last long run nerves. I never actually know why I do this. I don’t know what I think is going to happen…. A sudden collapse outside Hobbyrama???

Well it was fine and fairly uneventful apart from one encounter with a rather friendly Labrador that wanted to run with me rather than his owner. There were rain clouds but they seemed to clear though I did take the precaution of a handy ziplock bag for my phone. Lessons have been learnt!

I listened to podcasts today for a change so Trev and Ange from Marathon Training academy kept me company.

Now for the taper. That’s a fave bit, last time I kicked it off with two dry martinis. I might try that again, it served me well.

I’m feeling alright about it all really. Two weeks ago I was not feeling so confident. I’m already doing my usual chat about how nice it will be to get back to 5 ks blah blah blah. Until the next half in March I suppose. Christmas will come and go and I am bound to start thinking about that.

I’ve got a friend who has recently started couch to 5 k. She’s just finished week 4. I was just thinking about her this morning and remembering my first weeks when it was so hard. I remember thinking that probably anyone could be a runner. I mean I’d read the reviews. People complete this stuff. They do! And even when I thought I couldn’t I just kept following the programme. I shoved myself on automatic pilot. I just kept going. I think that’s what she is doing. I can just tell she’s got it in her. I think she is fab. I totes think she can do it.

Is anyone else doing couch to 5 k or another running programme at the moment? Or are you changing things up? I’d love to know.

8 thoughts on “Long run stuff……

  1. I’m in awe! I’ve been too (insert excuse here) to even contemplate restarting the Couch to 5K since my disastrous first attempt. Good luck and happy running for your half xxx

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  2. I took up running at 39 and since then have run a 5k and a 10k fun run. I’ve got a mate trying to talk me into a tri. I’m tempted but dead scared of the open water swim. I’m more keen on the idea of a half, but every year I get to 5 or ten. Then I get sick or it gets cold I stop running for a few months and at my age (oh woe me bones) that’s all it take to be back to square one again. I do love it so though, for all it’s ups and downs. Maybe I should try the Couch to 5k this year just to get me back into it as the weather warms up. It’s already been starting to circle in my thoughts the last couple of weeks, like an ex from my youth. x

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    • Oh gawd do Kate and let me know how you go. See I think that 5ks is a super distance, you can knock it off in half an hour… Fitness Taaaadaaaaaa no injuries! And it often helps people keep going as they don’t have the pressure of longer distances! You could try being a 3 times a week 5ker 😎❀️


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