Podcast lurve…..

My baby lives in England. Well she’s my big one, 28 and lives in the shop with the gorgeous boy and the extra large German shepherd. I got up at 4.30 am today because I’d had enough sleep and I hit her up on the messenger. This is always a good time. I’m like how are you? She’s like blurrrghhhhhh hormonal…. I’m like shit we did not win the hormone lottery toots!!! She’s like nahhhhhhhh.

So during the convo about hormonal lotteries I mentioned podcasts. She’s like WHAT!!! I can’t do it, how do I get them, help, etc. So a long message lesson in podcasts began. You know, download overcast…. What’s that? It’s an app. Messages and pictures later we identify it…. Ok download that…. She manages it. Search for This American life…. Wails, wahhhhhs, OK got it. I suggest a heap of others… Serial, 99% invisible, no meat athlete, marathon training academy etc. 

I’m like look for Harper high on This American life…. Press the buttons…. She’s like I’m looking, I’m looking!!!

Upshot of it all is that big spunky girl has now been introduced to podcasts. There is wonder. There is!

‘There are sooooooo many good stories she yells over the interwebs from England. I’m like I know!!!!!!!! Omg. 

I’m so pleased. I’m like message to your hormones…. You mess with my girl I will mess you up with podcast lurve from across the oceans. Yeahhhhhhhh. Take that! Pow! 

All is now happiness and podcast lurve. 

I am the coolest mother!!! (Actually I had no idea of podcasts till the spunky boy gave me the same sort of slow, with me wailing similarly lesson! πŸ˜‚ but we won’t mention that! Nahhhhhh)

Hit me up on the messenger if you need talking through it….. I’m like totes coolest teacher 😎❀️

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