2nd Half Marathon done!

img_2885So yesterday I completed my second half marathon. I thought I would be like totes cooler about it this time. Nahhhhhhh, I had the same nerves and inability to hold a conversation for most of the day! I also had a bit of hamstring soreness from some deadlifts a couple of days earlier at HPF gym. Moral of the story…. Bugger the deadlifts a couple of days before a half!!! But I popped a brufen and hoped for the best. There was the usual trauma over which costume to wear and many changes of clothes and wailing.

On the way I got my usual message from my original running Inspo Mona…. (You know the one with a chip in her shoe, crazy runner, takes off ALL her clothes as she goes) and a ‘You’ll be fine’ from my crazy runner mate Mark in the other hemisphere who was running an ultra that day! He checked in at mile 29 on his run from the other hemisphere just to make sure I wasn’t being a loser. These folks float my boat. They do. They so get it. I love them tooooo much cos they totally know at which point I will be freaking out! Also messages from the spunky boy on the way over as we are just driving past Hobbyrama!!! Classic! Background of that is that on long runs Hobbyrama is the place I used to think I would possibly collapse. I developed some fully massive catastrophic fantasies about ambulances and allsorts around Hobbyrama when I was first doing long runs. Consequently there are often pics of me on a run with Hobbyrama in the background and ambulance emojis sent to the spunky boy. We LOL heartily about it!

So lucky me this time I had the Doc as a pacer for the first 10 k. SO LUCKY. I think it made all the difference, I might have cruised a bit otherwise. Left to my own devices could have been dodgy. She’s my hype girl, the very best pacer. She’s my Dusty without the swearing!

There were 4 good hills in the race which shitted me a bit but it was hunker down and get up em. I ran with a group of girls for a fair way in the second half led by a very motivational Sargent major type… Yelling instruction and being altogether fabulous. Clearly she would have finished the race heaps faster than the other two but yelled ‘ I won’t leave you, I’m staying with you, we finish this together’ a lot! She is a great mate. I left them 1.5 km before the end with them yelling ‘ You’re gonna get sub 2.30’ with lots of whoops and screaming! The best girls. Yes!

And I got 2.29!!!!!!!! I was so happy. I so wanted under 2.30. My first half was 2.43. I got faster! Yup. All the smiles.

One thing I also did in this race was run without music and I loved it. I was so much more aware and could hear all the people on the course yelling. I could have quick convos with the other runners and interact with all the kids along the way waiting by the road for high fives. That was totally cute. They were so excited.

I still think the last 3km of a half are the longest! Something else I managed to do though was up that pace towards the end. I remember after the last one wailing ‘ I don’t know how people do that’. I think now that it’s just consistency. Just keep running. You get better. You get faster. You get stronger. Throw in some cross training. Join my gym! Yup. #highperformancefitness ❤️

I’m not a massively amazing runner. I just run. But today I think I am amazing!!! I don’t think it matters if you’re a 5k, 10k, 21k or marathoner or ultra, and if your slow or fast. You are awesome. Runners are the best.

Will I do another? Yep. March twilight anyone???


6 thoughts on “2nd Half Marathon done!

    • Yay Robyna! The cheer squads are always awesome at these events but one of the cutest things this time was all the little kids waiting outside their houses for high fives!!! So cute! I might have knocked a min or two off for not interacting but I just had to head for the kids a bit, they were so excited!! I hope you think about running! I do! Super fun. Thanks for dropping by…. Oh and plus you could add run fashion wear tips to your repertoire! I’d like that xxx


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