Goings on this week…

img_6320So I haven’t posted for a while as I’ve been off on hols in Canberra. Much fun was had and there were lots of German stylee breakfasts and all too much toast and blueberry jam! It was heaps of fun. We managed a good run around a lake… Not sure which one but it was pretty. I had the post half marathon feels so it was also leisurely. We went for lunch in a cafe afterwards that had the most incredible cakes. It was more like art. Some of them had syringes in them with gooey injections! Small and large cake amazingness! Can we have one the kids say. Nahhhhhhh we said…. Those kinds of cakes are for birthdays. They took it well.

We also went to the 100 objects exhibition. I enjoyed this a lot. It was like 100 objects over time, so from Stone Age cutting things to Egyptian things to modern things. I’m not explaining it well but it’s worth a look. We thought of lots of other things that could have been included or things we could have taken out but it must be so hard to choose. My favourite was a fertility mask and there was a video of the dancers performing in it. I liked that a lot.

The Aunty and Uncle babysat while we went out for my birthday to a great bar called Monsterbar. There was a fire, and cocktails. Happiness!

On the way back to the airport there was a rainbow. A really good one. Large! I was very pleased about that too. We had the nicest time and discussed a zillion important issues like … How do astonauts go to the toilet, what do you eat in space, Mars one mission, Trump(the fool), various items stuck in orafices, mad preachers etc. all very entertaining!

I also decided to sign up for a 30km run. It’s in December so it will be hot. I ask my ultra runner friend in the other hemisphere what he thought. He was like yup, you can, yup. Then I mention it to the Nashy at my gym and he says ‘ it’s only 9 more, you’ll be right’. These folks have faith. I’m rolling with it.

The weather is suddenly warming up in Queensland so it’s feeling like summer which is joyful. I know I’m going to be having a little whinge once it gets really humid but it’s a relief to get some training done in the heat as I was getting worried during the winter that I would become less hardcore. As if summer would never come again! I can convince myself of anything.

This has also been a really good week for some comebacks. My workout buddy got his ass back into the gym and had a legendary first session back. And the spunky boy got out for a good run. The Nashy signed up for Basecamp.The Tori hit 90kilos on her squats.The Doc signed up for a 15km run and got herself a training programme and I’ve stopped eating toast! #4daysoftoast

So if you’re feeling like you could do a bit of a comeback…. This week is it! For realz. I’d be running with that. Support crew!!!

Nans gone to the city dressed in purple and life is sweet!

Plus I got lovely gifts and lurve for my birthday and the spunky girl did too, we share birthdays alongside each other. The spunky boy is coming for tea. Possibly with addition of other spunky boy.

Plus I discovered ALDI !!!!! Who knew. I am possibly the only person who goes to ALDI because it’s cheaper then spends twice the food budget! I totes bought everything! I even had to consciously avoid the special screwdriver does everything tool. I’m like I so don’t need that. But it’s cheap right? I’m totes an ALDI convert! Bananas are cheap right now… Get in❤️

8 thoughts on “Goings on this week…

  1. Four days of toast is the perfect reward for running a half marathon. Imagine the toast after the 30k! And as for Aldi – I should be paid a commission for the number of people I’ve told to go shop there! I totally love it!

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    • Oh no what a shame. Nan said I had to go to this particular one as she shoved a dollar in my hand for the trolley. There are a few to choose from. It’s a shame you don’t have a good one. I wonder if yours has all the Indian dishes and cooking things this week… sale starts tommorrow! They look nice, worth a look xxx

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