Post race mojo feels….

So you sign up for a race, do your training sessions, tick them off, post your runs, go do the race and leave your mojo behind in km 20. It’s a thing. Yup.

I’ve found this after every race I’ve done. For 3 weeks or so after I’m a bit mojoless. You know, I’m recovering, I’m eating toast, I’m tapering up, I’m drinking a martini, I’m going on holiday, I’m menustrating!!! Whatevs!

Sometimes after a race you just don’t feel the love. You stick your fingers up at your Hokas while dragging your sorry ass to the gym. You sleep in a couple of times and miss the gym. Loser. You have the face like a smacked arse. Race feels are addictive. It’s like getting back off holidays and thinking ‘Shit, I just want another martini and someone to make me lunch’. It’s a process.

I’ve got more used to this now so I just roll with it till the Doc eventually says as I’m lolling in bed at 6am … ‘You’d best get your arse on a run, you’ve got a 30k in 8 weeks’.

8 weeks I say!!!! I am astounded. I grab my phone, look at the calendar and squeal. Well kind of yelp. Then I get up and knock off 10k before breakfast. Mojo restored!

So yep it is a thing. And it does pass. There are some tips for this and I don’t follow all of them. Sometimes I just eat toast and drink martini and scowl about the tips. Eventually I’ll give it some thought and lose the smacked arse face.

Tip 1… have a think about why you first started running. Why you do it. You need to know that shit.

I’ve got this really active imagination. I think it’s really important to be strong. I do. I mean what if there was a massive disaster or something? What if I had to go and get the spunky boy from the other side of town and there was no transport and like I had to run it. I’d want to do that right. Like Sarah Conner in terminator… you know the second one. Or like if the Doc was stuck on Straddie and there was a disaster and I needed to run and swim across. I mean I totally would want to be strong enough to do that! The big spunky girl shares this kind of thinking with me. She makes an evacuation plan for every house she lives in. She discusses it at length and everyone knows their role. It’s a family thang! So I totes think about these things when running. I know! I know it won’t happen! But you know, be prepared. You might just want to lose some pounds! That’s good too.

Tip 2… leave your Garmin at home. Run for the love of it, run for fun. Stop timing yourself. I don’t like this tip. I can’t do it!!!! But I think it can be useful if you are an obsessive look at the pace person. Maybe don’t give yourself a distance. Every time I do this I run further than I thought I would. Significantly.

Tip 3… don’t sign up for any races for a while. Take off the pressure. Tricky as races are addictive but a rest is good too. (Says the girl who just signed up for 30k in the hottest part of the year)

Tip 4… don’t burnout. Too many runs, injuries and not enough recovery might just burn you out. Eat toast and Martinis for a week and reevaluate. The mojo will come back. Trust me.

Tip 5… add some variety whether that is addding hills, sprints, intervals or just going to a different place to run. Get your ass in the car and go explore. This can make a massive difference.

Tip 6… sign up for a race. This works if you are really being a lazy arse and need a goal and training programme. Don’t be scared of races. Nah. They are very motivating, plus you always run faster on race day. You might even get some photos where you look a bit like Rambo. I know! The bonuses!

Tip 7… pure habit. Just keep going, even when you don’t want to. This is probably the very best bit of advice. Consistency will take you far.

Tip 8… don’t just run. It’s pretty important to cross train. Get yourself to the gym or do some body weight exercise stuff at home. Lunges, squats etc. There are heaps of apps with workouts on. SWORKIT is a good one. Or join my gym High Performance Fitness Brisbane. Mention me and they will give you a free week… #winning … I do think it’s important to do other stuff. Yup. I know, you don’t have time, it’s all so hard, blah blah… do yourself a favour and think about that one. Less injuries, strength ++ and more hardcoreness. That is so worth the thought.

Tip 9…. buy new kit!!!!! Yussssss. I have a friend who does extra shifts at work sometimes. We call them her Lululemon shifts! New kit is fab. And shoes. And gadgets. And sunglasses. Yup.

Tip 10… it’s gonna be okay. Yup. The mojo comes back. You are the shit anyway. Think how far you have come, think how far you can go! And if you’re ever like in the disaster and need me to come get you, give me a call. I’ll be out the door in a flash,in my terminator glasses taking selfies on the way.

You’re welcome ❤️

8 thoughts on “Post race mojo feels….

  1. All the Lols, just thinking that maybe one day I might look like Rambo – so hilarious – but a goal, nonetheless. Although would probably prefer to look like Sarah Connor (without the rescue bit though!). I like tip 2, I might try this on the week end. I’m entering week 8, and I downloaded Runkeeper too, but maybe I’ll just turn all those off and see what happens. 💕

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