Aldi tales today…

Aldi tales today. I nip over there because Nan is sick and small spunky boy is sick. We are off to Darwin tommorrow and big spunky boy is coming over to take charge. So I go and do what I always do in these situations and go buy food for the people. 

Nan is asleep before I leave so I can’t ask what’s needed. I go on a gut feel and buy milk, bread, bananas and Scottish shortbread. All Nan like stuff. 

Then I fling in a heap of stuff for the boys. There is juice for small spunky boy. We never buy juice so every time there is a sickness he takes great advantage and wails about needing juice in order to survive. Sometimes he manages a little death rattle within the plea. So anyway juice!

I get to the checkout, choosing carefully… you want to make sure there is at least half a conveyor full already. This gives you time to open your shopping bags in your trolley. I eye up the cashier. Young, blonde, fit looking.. she’s going to be fast. 

Then we are off! I am totally matching her pace, she is trying to go faster but I am matching…. suddenly… my bananas bugger up the till… the weighing scales are jammed!!!!!!!

I look at the 2 women in the line behind me… there is a look of TRIUMPH on their faces. A knowing nod between each other. 

The scale is fixed… cashier ups the ante! Shortbread and coconut milk is flying. As she finishes I already have my bank card ready to pay pass. 

The women behind almost burst into applause. I beam. Like a psycho. 

Cashier girl has a face like the smacked arse. πŸ˜€

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