Things I have actually watched in the last 3 years…

img_2481I haven’t really watched television for much of my life. It’s not really been my thing. In fact we once had a telly for a year and worked out that we had watched like 2.5 hours in that time. One day we switched it on and it didn’t work so we put it on the kerb like meh!

But in the last 3 years I’ve watched a few things and they have been fabulous. Granted, sometimes it has taken me maybe 6 months to get through a series but they are all so good.

Here’s a list if you fancy a bit of telly ….

The Bridge ( the Danish version) so good! (Saga🙌🏽🙌🏽)

The Fall ( with the girl who used to be in x files)


Stranger things (So good)

Grey gardens documentary ( This is such a fave of mine)

This way of life ( NZ doco, cinematography 🙌🏽🙌🏽 So good)

Puberty blues

Love my way

Paris is burning ( This is on the list to watch but I’m told amazing)

Upstairs Downstairs (BBC remake) Loved!

So many good things. Maybe do some telly watching 😃

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