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Month: November 2016

Life 1

Social Media Shamoz…

I did an experiment a week or two ago. I was fairly shitted with all the ads and relentless election/political coverage. I think Trump is a twat and people were saying some good shit about that. But I was overwhelmed. I was following all this stuff and I wanted fucking bunnies!!!! In the snow… or something!  I decided that I […]

Running 2

Suns out… running into the heat

Queensland suddenly decided to get hot. Like in the space of 24 hours, it was like SHAZAM! I was getting comfortable running through the winter, it’s a bit cooler and you don’t have to get up so early then suddenly 24 hours changes your timetable. I am lazy about getting up at 5 to run. Even if I am awake […]

Crossfit/Gym 6

Sleep when you’re dead and join my gym…

I haven’t had much sleep in the past couple of days because y’know night duty and stuff. There is also a house being built across road and so there is a lot of loud radio, trucks and yelling. Boys randomly yelling loud sweary things. I don’t generally mind sweary but these boys are shitting me. They seem to be able […]