Sleep when you’re dead and join my gym…

img_2624I haven’t had much sleep in the past couple of days because y’know night duty and stuff. There is also a house being built across road and so there is a lot of loud radio, trucks and yelling. Boys randomly yelling loud sweary things. I don’t generally mind sweary but these boys are shitting me. They seem to be able to time their Justin Beiber and yells of ‘Hold that there you bloody wanker’ to the times where I am just slightly awake enough to fully wake up. It’s a shame my verandah isn’t right opposite as there could have been another scenario like when I lived next to the hotel and had a fully half naked meltdown at the guy blowing the leaves from my verandah. It was bad. I used every swear word I had.

So today there was that common loud radio yelling thing going on and then the big spunky boy messaging to say ‘I am dying’. My phone is always on silent because of weird sleeping hours. Everyone knows that if they are actually dying to phone or message the Doc. She is a responsible phone user. Call me and it will probably be too late for CPR by the time I get back to you. I do have some sort of ESP connection with the big spunky boy though so often get the I’m dying messages straight away. I replied… real death? Apparently not, just a bit too long in the sun after forgetting a hat.

Dinner has been cancelled in favour of panadol and rest and I am slightly relieved as I haven’t been shopping and lord knows what I was going to feed those boys when they came over. It could have been bad. It could have been one of those times where I yell… ‘This is nutritious and visually exciting’ whilst dishing up really crappy pantry staples. Everyone’s a winner.

So anyway I am awake. The whole street will now go quiet. Suddenly all the yelling and trucks and dog barking and vibrations from my phone from Oxfam wanting more money will cease. It will be a haven of tranquility because I am now awake and the world is happy. I will sit on the verandah with the face like the smacked arse and small spunky boy will arrive home from school yelling ‘Did you sleep well?’ I will say ‘Not bad darling’. He will ask if I have got him anything, because clearly I am the superwoman who has also been shopping for snacks along with my 4 hours sleep in 2 days.

I’m quite good natured about this. I mean I signed up for this shift worker lifestyle. I have a warped sense of humour about it.

So I get on Facie to check out the world and I notice that my gym is doing this good deal. If two training buddies join up together they get 50% off for the rest of the year. Very good deal. I know I’m always going on about my gym, they are like my second family. It’s not your usual type of gym. Think big shed,tyres and ropes and shit, old t shirts, sweat, no egos, eff your gym beauty standards and all that. Sometimes people will bring their dog and tie them up outside. This is one of my favourite things. I have the doggy lurve.

There are lots of laughs, lots of banter and a lot of hard work. We do a different session every visit which pleases me as I am far too lazy to think of the variations myself. I just do what I’m told and Shazam it all works out with just my sweat as effort.

People who join gyms come and go. It’s that kind of transient thang, but you will always find the hardcore group who stick with it. I’m keen on the hardcore group and we have a good one.

We’ve got this regular bunch of trainers. They are all young and spunky and have that enthusiasm for life so are all really encouraging and total believers that you can do anything! This is a good thing to have in a gym. They are too young to get tired, they permeate you with their massive energy as you walk through the door. It’s like osmosis. Handy.

There is one girl among all the boys. I don’t think I’ve ever seen so much energy in anyone. She is our Abs Queen. She knows there is a core somewhere. She’s a believer. The boys are too much fun, one of them is more academic and gently encouraging, it’s a nice style. The other one is going to be a PE teacher and is made for it. He is like an Australian version of a south London boy. They are ALL ace!

There are also a few personal trainers who do one on one. I tend to do the group sessions so don’t have them train me but we get to know them as they knock around. They are like the super fit types. The ones who do muscle ups and occasionally train together and sometimes get their shirt off. The getting the shirt off is the kind of funny sort, not the big wanker sort. The like your little brother sort.The ones you give sneaky sideways looks to as they do stuff you wish you could do. It’s totes inspo!

The people…. I don’t know any of them majorly personally but there is a shared bond within the sessions. We tend to get each other through. There is the odd wail, the odd wahhhhh (usually from me) and the odd ‘Up,Up the Cronulla’. I don’t know what this means?! I think it’s something to do with football. Anyway I sometimes good naturedly join in.

The good thing about our gym is the range of people. It ain’t just your crossfit stylee people. Nahhhhh. It’s your general population. It’s normal people living their life, getting fit, working stuff out. There’s small people, big people, in between people, pretty fit people, beginners, intermediates, funny people, older people, younger people.

There are people who’ve just started on a fitness journey, people who have been going a while. There’s the ups and downs, the shared successes, the shared fuck ups. There’s the people who were going well, maybe hit a patch then walked back through the door. The response is… about time, welcome back.

See there is no ego and judgement at our gym. It’s understood that life is a journey and fitness and health is part of that. Sometimes you will fuck up and eat 7 days of toast and cake. That’s all cool because you only need to walk back through the door again.its something a lot of gyms lack. I mean health and fitness is encouraged ++ but life is also understood. Journeys are understood. Judgement is not welcome at this gym. This kind of thing is just about consistency. If you just keep going back 3 or 4 times a week the consistency works a lot of it out for you. So people feel comfortable. They are happy getting their sweat on. You don’t know how to do something it’s taught. Kindly. Everyone is part of the team. The quiet ones, the loud ones, the inbetween ones. Everyone is super important. It’s just a vibe.

So that’s why we go. It’s why we drag our arses out of bed 3 or 4 times a week. Exercise of some sort regularly, has been totally proven to help with so many general and mental health issues. Some people never exercise because they are afraid, fear of judgement, fear of failure. Gyms like ours encourage those folk to not feel afraid, to feel included and valued and to be treated with respect. Everyone has a worth. Our gym is all about dignity.

Everyone’s got your back.

The owner of my gym is the Nashy. I like him a lot. Even when he is really annoying. He is like a little brother, sometimes I want to stab him with my fork. He has created something really good that has had so much value in so many people’s lives. I don’t think he really realises this. There are a lot of lives been changed by the Nashy brand.

My training buddy the big S has had some ups and downs in terms of weight and fitness blah blah. I get it!!!! I’m part of that club. The big S is a legend. One time I will never forget and I was possibly pre menstrual and emotional was when the big S did some full burpees. This was a really big deal. I nearly cried. The Nashy nearly cried. For realz. It’s those moments that you want to freeze in time. It’s those moments that change people lives. There’s a ripple effect. You may think full burpees are not a big deal. They are a fucking big deal for some people. Full burpees could possibly change the world.

I am possibly pre menstrual now, or hormonally challenged. Hiccup, sob. But I will leave this here.

It’s so worth joining my gym. You might find some magic in the full burpees. ❤️

Click HERE to join my gym.


6 thoughts on “Sleep when you’re dead and join my gym…

  1. I think I’d love your gym, if it wasn’t so far from my house! Those little moments, especially for the “fitness-challenged” like me, are the big moments. I love that you celebrate those small-big moments. 💖

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