Suns out… running into the heat

img_5213Queensland suddenly decided to get hot. Like in the space of 24 hours, it was like SHAZAM!

I was getting comfortable running through the winter, it’s a bit cooler and you don’t have to get up so early then suddenly 24 hours changes your timetable. I am lazy about getting up at 5 to run. Even if I am awake I manage to while away a couple of hours drinking tea and going on Facebook. Then I go for a run and it’s #shouldhavegotoutearlier.

There’s good reasons too as the heat messes with your heart rate a bit. The heart rate goes up and you’re running in zones you shouldn’t be running in. It messes with all that VO2 max shamoz. I don’t claim to know what I’m talking about here but my Garmin tells me all kinds of shit. I do know I should aim for zone 2 or 3 cos Angie on Marathon Training Academy said so. Zone 5 and heaving tells me it’s probably not good.

So getting up at 5 am will become the summer challenge. Once I’m running in the summer and acclimatise a bit it does get easier but it is probably best to drag my ass out of bed earlier.

Hydration, that’s the other thing. It’s pretty wise to drink more water during the day. I’m not always good at this but I do get better in the summer. I have a friend at work who is a legend for drinking water, she can have long conversations about it being all about the spout and stuff and how to cleanse your bottle correctly. She will even sterilise it like a baby bottle. I will go with that convo totally. Lots of nodding. The most horrifying thing to me is mould in a spout. She has totes got her spouts sorted.

I don’t take water when I go running because there are plenty of water fountains along the way. I’m Β like a camel and head to every one. Just a quick chug. No need for a massive load of water sloshing in your belly. I was reading recently about how you feel much better when you are running if you are adequately hydrated. Apparently it makes a big difference. The other end of the scale is too much water, the stories of marathon runners or ultra runners who took in too much and ended up with hypernatremia. Not a good thing to have. There have been a few problems in the past where people collapsed at these events and were given even more IV fluids. They managed to kill them. I don’t think this will be a problem for most people though so hydrate generally and don’t go crazy. Balance is cool right! Don’t get yourself killed! Be watching those bags of fluid!

Shorts! It’s get your legs out time. Yup! At the moment I’m recommending Lululemon groove shorts and sprint shorts. Super nice, no camel toe and helps if you suffer from a bit of chafe! Shorts are tricky as general shorts can be a bit flary, like not sit nicely. These are more like crossfit tight shorts so no flare. Noice. Check them out.

Now I need to tan those legs up a bit. I was wearing a shortish dress the other day working on my legs. I’ve got my big girl panties on underneath (massive panties are a sign of success n all that). Walking towards the shopping centre a gust of wind blew my dress around my ears which caused the man walking towards me to exclaim loudly JESUS CHRIST!

You’re welcome.


2 thoughts on “Suns out… running into the heat

  1. Perfect timing. As you know, I am new to running and have been wondering how I’ll manage the heat. My husband goes early (he’s better at fending off those 5am murderers lurking in the bushes, that I am) but if it’s really hot he does his run then jumps in the sea, and runs the final leg in wet clothes. I’m not so keen on that idea (wet t-shirt competition anyone?). I think I’ll just have to be braver and go early too. I wish we had the early sun rises that Queensland has…

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