So I just ran 30km….

You might have read my last blog post about having to run 30km this morning. You can find it Here.

I wasn’t very well trained because… life. And I’ve been sick for a few days too so was a bit apprehensive that I might collapse and be carted off in the flashing bus. Oh the shame!!!

So anyway I wasn’t sure yesterday if I was even going to run. I was still a bit sick in the afternoon but by the evening was feeling a lot better. We stayed in a fancy pants hotel and went for a walk on the beach late afternoon. We had done the swag bag pick up and so I had my race number. Probably just after pick up I decided I would run, because I had got my number and stuff. I had it in mind that I would treat it as a long run, just to get back in the flow y’know.

We decided to get room service. We have never done that before so it was a bit of a risk. It could be congealed and cold and potentially tragic. It was in fact MAGNIFICENT! We choose a pasta dish and also truffled mashed potatoes because… carb up!!!

I also had a glass of red because nothing could really ruin my training and preparation. Seeing as I seem to have tapered down since my last half marathon! I just missed the tapering up bit. Accidentally.

My bestie from childhood has just recently moved to Surfers from Miami. We discovered that we could almost flash lights at each other from her apartment and my hotel Famous Five stylee. She did threaten to pop down before work and yell encouragement at me but fortunately she didn’t!

I also discovered Lee Lin Chin on the television in the hotel room. How did I not know about her?! Possibly because I never switch on a television, but I am now terribly keen on her. She had a safari type ensemble on last night. Loved!

So the run. Pretty cruisy to 18 km, then a psychological fuck you at 21km as that’s the furthest I’ve run. But then was okay again till 24 km when I wanted to die. I stood by an aid station downing endura with the most uninterested attendants trying to get back the will to live. At that point the ultra runners who were doing some crazy distances came pounding past. This gave me some oomph and I set off again. I did put up a wahhhh Facie message at that point. Not that I looked at any answers till after the race. I just wanted to wahhhh out into the universe.

The last 4 km were super gahhhhhhhhhh. But of course there was some joy in the last km. There was the Doc waiting for me, she had run a 15 k which is the farthest she has done. Legend. ❤️

In terms of the course I would never do that one again. I know I should be all grateful and happy with the race which I am but it is a shit course! It’s heaps of roads and traffic lights and backstreets and nearly getting run over a lot and pedestrians. They don’t shut any roads off. I was quite surprised with this for a $85 entry. But that’s the good thing about trying different races, you get to find your faves.

But yayyyyy I did it. 30km in the bag.

Now I’m going to run some 5s. Yup 😃❤️

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