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Month: January 2017

Life 0

Worth a read…

“You are not just selling books. You are providing sanctuary. You are the stewards of sacred spaces.” via ‘A Place of Refuge and Protection’: Roxane Gay Calls on Booksellers to ‘Rise to the Occasion’ — Longreads

Life 10

Courgette crisis!

I just read an article about the courgette crisis. There has been some bad weather in Spain which is usually the place that British suppliers get their salad leaves, tomatoes, courgettes and Aubergines etc from, at this time of year. The article was very much about how much this was going to affect people as the prices will now be so […]

Life 2

I do love a New Year ….

Kinda nice right? It’s like Shazam…I can make some plans and shiz and start with a whole new leaf and what have you. I know some people don’t think like that and have the opinion that it’s just like any other time and you can whole new leaf it any other day of the year. Well yes you can. Get […]