I do love a New Year ….

Kinda nice right? It’s like Shazam…I can make some plans and shiz and start with a whole new leaf and what have you.
I know some people don’t think like that and have the opinion that it’s just like any other time and you can whole new leaf it any other day of the year. Well yes you can. Get your leaf out anytime I reckon but if you want to flash your leaf around because it’s a New year then do! Flash it, polish it and wave it. And if people are being a bit bahhhhhh humbug about your leaf it’s probs just because they are either….


Just not into it

Jealous of your leaf (leaf envy…. it’s a thing)

Maybe they have never grown a leaf so they don’t know leaf love. Maybe they have a different sort of leaf to you, which is cool because they wouldn’t mind which leaf you have got.
So this post is for the people who don’t mind the leaves. The ones who like the promise of new beginnings and fresh starts and suchlike. I’m keen on people like that. The thinkers, the changers, the crazy one way ticket peeps, the relentless work towards a goal folks, the stuck in a ruts that suddenly make a massive change. I love them I do. I think they are the shit.
So this year I’ve got some goals. I generally have some each year and often make a good dint in them as I try to make them fairly realistic. And the ones that are not at all realistic I have miraculously pulled off at times. I think it’s the power of visualisation, hard work, dry martinis and luck. But it seems to come together.
I don’t think goals have to be massive or crazy all the time. Sometimes my goal is to try not to wear the same running kit 3 days in a row because it is unpleasant for other people. Sometimes it is to express “I think you are a wanker” in a different way than saying “I think you are a wanker”. I mean gawd, sometimes it’s really tricky!
So anyway this year I have a few different goals….
Fitness goals…. I’m going to try and run more. I’ve slacked off a bit recently with sorting my life out and one thing and another. I’m going to get a good programme in place again. I’m going to try and be a little bit more consistent. There is only one chance to pull off a 30k with a taper down from a half marathon. Luccccckkkkyyy.

Health… I’m going to lose those last bastard 10 kilos. By rights I should look like an Instagram model with the amount of working out I do. But in reality I can be a bloody gannet and that’s the long and short of it. Now if I was happy at 10 kilos over I’d be like fuck it and eat the cheese, and the toast, and the parmesan on top of the cheese on the toast to make it more cheesy!!! But I’m not. It shits me. That’s fair enough. I totes think I’m cute though😜. Plus I’ve inhaled everything over Christmas and I don’t want to like actually squash my girlfriend!!! 

Study… I’m going to totes like study again. I love this because I quite like studying. I like exams most, I do, I’m crazy like that. I don’t think I will have many exams but I will have study. The rituals you know, tidying the work area and buying a new pen and making a pot of tea with the nice cups before you start. I hope to get this down to a fine art. The tea. And the study.

I’m going to get better at writing and grammar and shiz. Yeahhhh. 

Travel…. I love this bit. We’ve got some plans and I hope to do some good writing during the travels. The Doc is so good at this. She writes these little diaries and has ALL of the words. Sometimes I make her read the India one out loud. And she sticks things in. With a glue stick. I know. So good. I need to get better at this.

I’m going to get up earlier. This will be a bit easier now that I’ve quit my job. On work days I used to get up at 5am and so on non work days I would feel a bit resentful of this and so be awake but refuse to move till 6 am. But if I had got up at 5am I could have fitted in my run then. Instead I lay in bed having an argument with myself about it and rolling around dramatically. I’m going to change this. This is kind of important because QLD/summer/running. 

I’m going to food prep and pack food like I’m a toddler for Uni. No tacos for me. 

I think that’s about it. I might come up with some other stuff. Generally I’m just so looking forward to this year and feeling really positive about it all. It’s like that feeling when you fall in love. Totes similar. 
What have you got planned? Any goals?❤️

2 thoughts on “I do love a New Year ….

  1. You have such a fab year ahead of you! I love the definitive ending of a year – like a literal line in the sand. Close that calendar – get a new one with no writing on it. Brand spanking is always inspiring. I love all your goals. I need to set some of my own before this year disappears into next year. You’ve inspired me!. xx


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